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Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 3

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Also making the list were seminars and presentations from selected staff members from various branches. I already assumed the only guy from Port Harcourt would unfailingly be speaking as usual. He wasn’t the most senior from the branch as a lady was the Branch Head there but he was always asked to do so. While that spoke a lot about the frailties of the supposed Head at our PH branch, the dude was admittedly intelligent and has never failed to deliver sound presentations! We were basically in for a beautiful rendezvous this time around!

The 8-man crew list was the next thing to be announced as well as the selected venue for the summit! The venue was going to be a popular 2-star hotel in Abuja! And contrary to all expectations, I made the list! In fact, my name – Ms. Daniela Chucks, was number 5(!) as always and Binta’s only came at a distant 8! It was unbelievable and I just couldn’t contain my joy! It was as though the Head and his allies couldn’t just find a way of justifying my exclusion because at the end of the day, one of the senior male staff unfortunately got the boot. We were going to be 4 men and 4 ladies with myself, the secretary, the Head of Operations (Mrs. Kudirat) and a senior member of staff (Ms. Bunmi) forming the ladies end. The men remained relatively unchanged with just the exclusion of the other senior staff being the only difference. So we now had our Branch head – Mr. Osondu, his vice – Mr Kolawole, our Head of Operations – Dr. Sani and the BH’s aide – Mark, forming the men’s wing. It seemed fair to all as the requirement didn’t exactly exclude the main secretary. Binta also seemed to cherish the opportunity given how mellow she suddenly became after the list was announced. It began looking like she was almost dropped despite all her exertions and crack at the top. Her Kittycat and Bosom proved to be almost insufficient in securing her an untouchable place on the list after all! However, what I also felt was another explanation to her situation was the general feeling within the office. Given she was only new to the firm, I assume the bosses on top must have had double-minds about including her. They definitely knew what the last Retreat was like so should tell what the coming one could turn out to be. Even though she was supposedly an available s*x-machine to all of them, they may have been uncertain about how she was going to accept the rather unprofessional culture that would definitely surround the coming business meeting.

Anyways, that wasn’t mine to bother about anymore. I was finally on the list and it gave me enormous delight! The endless enquiries from staff had ended too even though I always wondered why they ever bothered to ask since about the same group of people made the list virtually every year. My sympathies were only with Mr. Afolabi, who had to be dropped in order to retain me on the list. Even though I began thinking it probably wasn’t appropriate to have him attend at all since he only just got married about a week before. He was certainly better off cuddling his newly married wife – Tope. Anyways, that wasn’t the case for my single self. I soon began making my plans for the jaunt and scheduled my shopping for the following Saturday. Words cannot literally explain the kinds of cloths I hand-picked for my trip, because I practically broke the world of morality and decency!

We were all in Abuja at exactly Tuesday afternoon as earlier scheduled by management! We had first gathered at the office from where the staff-bus moved us to the airport, culminating in a straight flight to Abuja. As always, there was an official shuttle waiting to drive us to the location which I later realized was a bit of a distance from the airport. It was a beautiful location all the same with the lodges positioned over an amazing landscape of trees, green fields and distant hills! By the time we would settle into our rooms for the evening, we didn’t remember we had made such a relatively long trip. But that wasn’t until we had fully registered with the organizing staff and coordinated the presentation our branch was required to make the following day. The ladies in charge of the registration were part of the 10 staff members from our Head Office and I quickly recognized them since they have always formed the crew from Abuja. I even knew their names despite disliking them with a distinct passion! And it wasn’t long before I further noticed that unlike the previous year when they had 4 men in their midst, 8 out of the 10 on the current crew were all ladies; leaving just the CEO and his Vice as the only men. How snooty can these ladies be, moreover! They were beautiful and classy quite alright.

They were beautiful and classy quite alright

But their supposed involvement with the Head Office was certainly getting into their heads and the arrogance that followed them everywhere they went was just appalling. Moreover, they always looked like the corporate prostitutes I always presumed they were – dressing to kill even when it didn’t matter.

…they always looked like the corporate prostitutes I always presumed they were – dressing to kill even when it didn’t matter.

That afternoon, 6 of the less-busy 8 kept wandering from one end to another in supposed calls for attention. There admittedly big booties never stopped wriggling their sheer skimpy gowns and mini-skirts into submission as they swayed from side to side! They did turn a couple of heads anyways; especially that of the bosses. It was easy to see why talks that they take turns to F**K the CEO and his Vice was likely true!

To Be Continued…

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