-August Business Retreat (18+)

Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 28

A story written by Dan Chucks… If missed part 27, read it Here

“These asses can’t just waste like this! These ladies are going to dance for us!…damn!…””YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” was the astonishing response! The house seemed to have prayed for that all along! The ladies seemed not to like it because they began trying to return to their seats except for Rosemary and Binta who only began laughing more.”Where are you girls going?” suddenly interrupted the bemused CEO. “You girls must dance o! Someone should give us music. I assume we can get music from the sound system, right? Give us music please.”Most people were already standing to their feet to get uninhibited view of what was about to happen. Binta and Rosemary had already started getting ready and were trying to put their hair in their best possible place before embarking on the task. They were going to give us what would definitely be a very erotic experience in very erotic clothes. The dinner had just assumed, a ball dance status!

To Be Continued…

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