-August Business Retreat (18+)

Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 27

A story written by Dan Chucks… If missed part 26, read it Here

“Wow!….Just look at you!” the CEO still hadn’t come out of his trance! The female boss was also grinning rather lavishly, with a tint of embarrassment in her eyes. “You are beautiful.””Thank you sir…”After managing to tear away his eyes from her partly exposed crotch, he returned his eyes to the audience. “Dami. Where are you? Please do come here.”Applause followed. Dami stood and began walking up to meet the two. She was unquestionably stunning and the cloth she was wearing made her even more engaging!”I feel like taking you into my hotel room right away!” shamelessly professed the intoxicated Chief as she joined them on the platform. “You girls look stunning! And there are about two more ladies here who have given me the hard-on since I saw them…”The crowd laughed and jeered at once at the mention of the CEO’s hard-on!”Yeah…yeah. I’m right. You guys know that I love saying it as it is!….Yeah…you over there!” He was pointing at one of the girls from Port Harcourt. She was on a see-through gown and was totally Unclad underneath! “Yeah. You. Please come up here sweetie.”The young lady shared a laugh with the other girls around her who of course were hailing her supposed recognition! After which, she began walking up to meet the standing three. Anyone looking could see her bare Buttocks roll about under her gauzy material. When she arrived the platform, the CEO kissed her on the cheek.”Now, there is another lady who’s been sitting beside Rose…where’s she?…” he was barely finished before Rosemary mentioned Binta’s name. “Yeah..that should be her. Please do you mind coming up here baby?”It was as though our secretary had been expecting her name to be called all along, because she quickly stood and began walking up the hall. Watching her backside was like watching a clatter of angry lumps of meat!And as though the CEO couldn’t progress without doing something about it, he openly trailed the swaying booty with his eyes until young Binta joined the group. She was all smiles and even had to temporarily cover her mouth in supposed control. But then, the Chief wouldn’t stop gawking the lumps of woman-flesh behind her! It got so bad that he had to suddenly walk up to her and then freely grab a cheek in his hand! Just then, the audience rolled in wild laughter! The excitement was almost hitting the roof now!”You know what? ” he suddenly said, turning back to face the audience.

To Be Continued…

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