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Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 26

A story written by Dan Chucks… If missed part 25, read it Here

Getting into the dinner hall early enough was of very good advantage. It gave me the privilege of watching others come in – individually and in groups. Just a handful were already within the hall and they were mostly scattered in two-three-man clusters as they talked and laughed away in waiting. The hall was well decorated and the tables were smartly arranged. It was only fair to give the ladies from Abuja some credit for their organizing so far. They had been directly involved with the planning all along and have had to bring in external people for additional logistics like chow, decoration, etc. Even some of them who were still in the hall were trying to put finishing-touches to an already superb effort. They were all wearing casuals and I easily assumed they would definitely return to their rooms to change into something more explosive. Already, the few in the hall were brazenly sending the signals of what I was exactly expecting and it would be foolish to think the Abuja girls wouldn’t follow suit! While I had gone against wearing ‘long-slited’ gowns, a couple of the girls in the hall were wearing some! They were so revealing that they shamelessly proclaimed to all that they weren’t wearing any panties underneath! The sides of their legs and bum were bare and in some cases the sides of their tits too! And for those who weren’t doing the slited gowns, they still didn’t fail to be in other daring outfits as well! When it was a gown, it was usually too small, so much so that the wearer’s crotch and possibly Kittycat uninhibitedly showed even while standing!

There were even some who still went for the see-through thingy and just as Binta had done days ago, wore theirs without panties or bra! As more and more people entered the hall, it looked like a good number would toe the same line but then, I really found Binta and Dami’s choices of dress particularly interesting after they had walked in!

The very lovely Dami was on a white fitting gown that had this big cut-out in front of it. It was quite remarkable given how the cut-out brought to bare a greater portion of the undersides of the s*xy** lady’s luscious Bosom! It kept looking like her Tips would slip out if the gown went up any further! And how enticing that should be for the guys!

The very lovely Dami was on a white fitting gown that had this big cut-out in front of it.

Then as for Binta, she was the more bawdy of the two! In simple explanation, she was more like in a shirt and g-strings! And with matching black pop-socks to further accentuate the pumps she was wearing under her feet! As she walked about, her blatantly exposed bare Buttocks cheeks, rolled up-and-down and of course, side-to-side! Thankfully, the men could only do with just black smart tuxedos and hardly added to the already rising odd craze within the hall!

Anyways, it suddenly looked like we had returned to square-one as soon as Ms. Rosemary walked in to join us! Almost everyone was present now, so we all jointly witnessed the Branch Head’s rather unsettling entry! She was in the skimpiest possible outfit anyone could ever imagine wearing to a dinner party! And she walked in with it in infectious glee! Trying to describe the dress would always be very difficult but it could make meaning if I said it was simply a single lash of cloth strapped around her curvaceous body! It additionally had a bra look-alike and a rather meaningless crotch area that hardly covered her pubics!

For the few seconds she walked across the hall to join Binta and Dami at their table, you could tell that everyone was practically spell bound as we trailed every of her steps with our eyes! She always had a surprise or two for each single day, it seemed! And that day was no different! Even though I was one of those ogling her as she walked past me, I wouldn’t exactly say that my mind was completely put into what I was seeing though. Anthony was yet to enter the hall and he was the one mostly occupying my thoughts. I was already sharing a table with two more persons – a guy and another lady. There was only just a seat left and how I was desperate to see that it goes to Anthony. After the events of the previous day, it was becoming clear that I was finding it harder staying without him! I couldn’t just imagine what it was going to be like after the Retreat had ended; when we all must have returned to our branches. It was definitely going to be hard to bear. The handsome dude had grown to become a significant part of my thoughts. In fact, as soon as I spotted him at the door, alongside some of this colleagues from Onitsha, my mind skipped! He was on a tuxedo just like everyone else and the near-shimmering material glistened in the bright light. I put up a smile as I watched him locate me, before walking all the way to my table! After saying his ‘hi’ to the other occupants, he gave me a peck in the chin and took the remaining chair! All was now officially set for the night to begin. Everyone was seated and waiting for the MC of the night. It was looking to be a pretty exhilarating night; even if the choices of garment so far, do suggest it was likely going to be a night of extravagant balling!

“Hello….oooo!!”, suddenly followed the very splitting voice of the Vice CEO who got onto the podium some moments later. He was on a tuxedo and a bow tie too. And was all cheerful as usual. “How are you doing tonight?…” he continued after the audience had chorused a ‘hi’.


“That’s great to know! I want to quickly welcome everyone of us to the final meeting of this year’s August…Business…Retreat!!!”

Applause followed! The hall was pleasantly charged.

“Thank you. Thank you….” He was grinning so elaborately. “It’s been a very wonderful experience so far!…And I assume most of you know what I mean…”

Laughter ensued. Everyone was suddenly giving each other the eye.

“…Of course, I know you know most of us have had a peculiar kind of ‘wonderful experience’ if I must say. So you must have missed a lot of you haven’t been on the groove…”

Someone yelled “Exactly!” from the audience! Everyone laughed again.

Mr. Martin continued. “Yea. True. But we would be rounding up our stay today and I look forward to a wonderful concluding time here tonight! Or ain’t you guys hoping for something wonderful too?!”

“WE ARE!!”

“That’s great! Anyways, I want to use this opportunity to inform the house that you can now proceed to the back of the hall for your dinner. Simply cross the table behind and serve yourself some food. You will have a couple of options to pick from. On the other hand, any moment from now, we will be having our big boss talk to us. He’s been talking about today and he is really very excited….”

People were already standing now and making it to the back of the hall. I asked Anthony if he was willing to eat already to which he said yes. So we both stood and began walking through the arranged tables towards the back of the hall. I hardly paid any further attention to what Mr. Martin was saying. In fact, by the time we would return to our table again with our meals, the CEO had mounted the platform without my noticing it. Most people had returned to their tables too so he was more like addressing a near-full audience once again.

“I feel so pleased seeing all of you!…” he was saying as I found my seat. “You have all made our time at the Retreat fantastic! I’ve had absolute fun! Haven’t you guys had fun too?”

“WE HAVE SIR…” came the reply from us. Anthony joined the chorus too and gave me the eye as soon as he had done so. We both smiled.

“Of course you have. And it’s beautiful seeing you ladies in very attractive clothes! In fact, it looks like most of you took my advice last time. I am happy to see that we have dressed to impress. I am happy to see that we wear clothes that will do the first marketing even before we introduce ourselves to our clients! And from what I see today, it’s obvious our ladies have taken the initiative! They look absolutely gorgeous!…”

“YEAH…..!!!!!” yelled the excited ladies! Having food in our mouths didn’t exactly stop all the crazy.

The CEO laughed heartedly. “Please clap for yourselves ladies!”

Long applause ensued. Some even had to stand to their feet. The ecstasy was obviously gradually swelling.

“That’s good. That’s good. Ehmm…while I commend all of you for your colourful choices of dress, I think it will only be fair if I specially recognize some of you who chose to be bolder in their selections. I guess you all understand what I mean…”

He had barely completed that last line before everyone began looking at each other. The majority of the attention was already heading towards Rosemary who was having a laugh with Dami.

“Won’t that be fair?…” the ecstatic CEO added. And the crowd answered in affirmative. “That’s nice. So…Ms. Rosemary. Do you mind coming up here?”

After a little bit of dillydally, the obviously pleased Madam, stood and began walking out to the platform. All eyes were on her very exposed booty that willingly swayed from side to side as she walked! As soon as she approached the CEO, they had a warm embrace.

To Be Continued…

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