-August Business Retreat (18+)

Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 25

A story written by Dan Chucks… If missed part 24, read it Here

As Mr. Martin left the lobby it was clear there was a lot of frustration in the air given how everyone endlessly sighed and complained! All of us shamelessly wished we hadn’t been interrupted but had to begin dressing up anyways. Anthony had found his trousers and was set to put it back on. But not without cuddling me once more. He pulled my head closer to his and then gave me a crushing kiss in the mouth!

I was still creaming for him and even though we had been asked to return to the hall, I still wished we could look for someplace around to finish up what we had started. Our hotel rooms would have been ideal, if not for the fact that it was given out according to our stations. However, he didn’t even seem to be thinking in that line at all because when I tried pulling him away from walking into the hall, he didn’t understand my motive. Instead he disengaged himself, signaling me that he wanted to return to join his colleagues. How unfortunate; even though I kind of understood his reasons given that the following day was the dinner night (and they had to make plans for it). But then, I wasn’t interested in returning to my own people. I still had a burning itchy Kittycat; and I was returning to my room to give it extra attention instead!


I couldn’t exactly tell what the actual reason was, but I just couldn’t stop being uncontrollably excited as I applied my make-up in front of my mirror, Saturday evening! Maybe it was because of the fact that Saturday was finally around, as well as the much desired concluding Dinner! Or simply because of the thrill of what I had planned to wear to the event eventually. Maybe it was even beyond all that. Maybe it was because of my strong suspicion that the dinner wouldn’t end without ‘something’ rather wanton happening! I had attended enough of our gatherings to know that this particular one was much more likely this time! Whatever it was, it just had to be one of these, for my mind couldn’t just relax for a moment! Beginning from that Saturday morning, as early as after I had woken from sleep, I had found it difficult containing myself! The previous day was a mixed bag of real satisfaction and outrageous disappointment! It didn’t have the ending I thought it would have but then, I made up for it with my fingers, right inside my hotel room much later! And just like the previous time, I slept off after cumming so heavily! Now, waking up to a mesmerizing thrill of what could likely follow up later in the evening, I was so eager to begin preparations! That very day was going to be our last day at the Retreat and we were going to be leaving for our various branches Sunday morning. The Dinner was designed to be a concluding event to appreciate everyone who had attended as well as encourage all those who participated in the organizing. Based on examples from the previous years, it was also the CEO’s night. He usually used the medium to speak lengthily about his ambitions and plans for the company and the staff. While we ate, he would praise his immediate cabinet, and then the organizing team. It was usually emotive watching him speak on such nights and you could easily spot how excited he is for our growth as an organization! I just couldn’t wait to get into that hall already!

As for what to wear to the dinner, it turned out to be a rollercoaster decision for me! Knowing what the August Retreat could likely come like, I had initially planned (right from Lagos), to wear a long flowing gown with very revealing long slits to the sides. The slits were so long that they practically allowed the entire sides of my buttocks as well as my legs to conveniently come into view very frequently!

As at the time of making the choice, I was assuming it would be a very bold thing to wear but one I was likely not going to regret wearing. However, it only turned out by Friday evening, that it was a decision that wasn’t even as bold as ‘required’! I suddenly needed something ‘bolder’! Doing a long gown with slits to the sides was never going to beat anybody given how I was likely going to see people like Rosemary and Binta dress. I felt I needed to push up the stake or at least match that of others! As soon as I left the restroom Friday night, I took a decision to visit a boutique the following morning! It was quite an easy decision to make and I definitely kept to it! By morning I had already learnt that a couple of girls were similarly also willing to hit town for their shopping ahead of the dinner but I wasn’t keen to follow them down. While I did assume whatever they were going to pick up was likely going to be as ‘gross and audacious’ as mine, I still felt going alone was likely going to allow me explore what was available in better fashion. At first, it looked as though it was a poor decision to take because for the many minutes I paraded the clothestore, I could only find clothes that would only reveal my thighs and cleavage. Unfortunately, I needed something ‘better’. It wasn’t until I was introduced to the lingerie section of the store, that I began seeing more interesting things! In fact, it didn’t take another 20 minutes before seeing the actual stunner I eventually bought! It could pass for a lingerie – a s*xy** one (the type wives wear to get their husbands honey enough to F**K). But it wasn’t your standard lingerie. It was simple what you’d call the lovechild of a micro-mini, g-string and bra! You would be seen as wearing a clothe, but it wouldn’t be any better than going completely Unclad! That eventually, was my choice for the dinner!

To Be Continued…

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