-August Business Retreat (18+)

Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 24

A story written by Dan Chucks… If missed part 23, read it Here

He was going to F**K me now!!! And how unbelievable that was appearing to be! He quickly pulled me up from my knees as soon as he was out of me and after giving my mouth a good kiss, turned me to my back, bent! He was going to enter me from behind and didn’t waste any time fiddling with the band of my shorts just as soon! Already, lots of people were fucking away and the groans and moans had gotten even louder!

Backs were pinned to the wall with the servicing male plummeting the Kittycat before it in reckless abandon! Those who preferred to go at it like I was going to do with Anthony, embraced the wall in their case while a Joystick or two rammed their gooey hole(s) from behind them! There were even some who were on the bare tiled floor and you could see them ridding away a really animated Joystick in supper cowgirl! We weren’t a handful anymore as many more who had possibly heard or noticed how sinister the restroom visits had turned, wasted no time in joining us! We were all now in various stages of a tidy F**K! While some were still putting in a Mouthaction or two, others had gone as far as doing a serious anal with a rather sizable Joystick! Anthony’s had found my own opening but after rubbing his tip up and down my thoroughly wet slit, suddenly chose not to penetrate. Instead, he quickly stooped and with little warning, brought his warm wet mouth to my punnani! I instantly melted!

And for a second time! It felt so good that I never wished he was going to stop! He began by giving my labia a very good suck before proceeding to pick up my clit with his mouth! I shuddered! He was suckling the throbbing hard knob like a baby would her mother’s Tips! There was so much passion in the way he went about it that I continually blessed his effort with as much running juices as I could give! By the time he would choose to dip a tongue into the very pink regions of my lovebox, I had deposited a considerable amount of my sticky sweet nectar across his nose and lips! This was about the time he felt the urge to use his Joystick on me at last, as my very thick scent and taste seemed to have intoxicated him enough to go a step further! So getting back onto his legs, he rubbed a couple fingers around the cap of his Joystick, using the precum at its tip to lubricate himself. Then he positioned his tool just at my opening, in a bid to penetrate me the next moment! However, at that moment, we were suddenly interrupted! And in the most frustrating of ways!

“Hello……!!” came the unexpected ripping voice of the Vice CEO who had suddenly appeared from nowhere! “Helloooo…!!!!! Please do we mind returning to the hall now?! We wish to conclude the session now please. Do return to the hall right away!”

He had now walked into the restroom lobby and even though the light coming into the rather dark space was clearly inadequate, I was sure he could still see enough to know how much filth had been going on behind himself and the CEO! But rather than get livid about the unfolding lewd scenes before him, he stunned me with the way he behaved as though everything was as normal as ever! He didn’t look shocked or embarrassed. He only continued with his call for our return to the hall. In fact, he even went on to pat one of the guys at the back while genially telling him to put on his shorts again! The guy had just pull out his slightly curled Joystick from a likely drenched Kittycat and it so glistened in the dull light while beating about side-to-side in sheer enthusiasm!

To Be Continued…

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