-August Business Retreat (18+)

Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 23

A story written by Dan Chucks… If missed part 22, read it Here

We then continued with the game accordingly. But despite all our efforts, we only could come second position at the end of everything. The Abuja lady on our table, nicked us by about three or four minutes and came out first position. It was a good exercise overall and I had immense fun participating! It wasn’t just because of the gaming activity alone though. Not really. But also because Anthony was simply a wonderful partner to have! He kept making me laugh with his very unpredictable sense of humour and took every opportunity he had to openly tickle my sides. While it looked like his effort was only making me just laugh, what he possibly didn’t know was that I was equally uncontrollably creaming my shorts so horribly, in reaction to every of his enticing touch! I was so horny and needed him badly! I had to even begin openly caressing and cuddling him at some point, as I couldn’t just bear the arousal any longer! Of course, the hall was still very rowdy and people were actually doing worse things in any case! So it only did give me the impetus to take the advances much further by eventually letting my own hand flimsily grab his Joystick quite briefly! And that was when I found out that he was impressively spotting an erection after all!

Besides he didn’t seem worried by that particular act of mine. He only looked up at me with this stifled grin on his face before stretching an arm to grope my left butt in return! It would barely take to the end of our game before that very arm would find its way into my shorts from behind! It had just enough time too, to equally knead my Buttocks cheeks and lower vulva thoroughly! It simply got me too hot that I hardly concentrated on our gameplay anymore! That may be the actual reason we only came second anyways. And we couldn’t even wait to hear the results before dashing out towards the restroom, where a lot of people were already making out and fondling several body parts so ferociously! We had barely found a corner before I would get on my knees and begin pulling out his atrocious looking curled Joystick from his unzipped trouser. I was going to blow the living sunshine out of him, definitely!

Anthony’s Joystick was already very hard by the time I would bring it out from his shorts! In fact, it was sipping precum in gobbets, so much so that I had to run a finger across the tip to collect a blob or two! He was really horny and so was I as well! The bridge linking both legs of my shorts was good evidence as it had become mercilessly drenched by my now overflowing s*x fluid! I had to help my situation at some point, by letting a hand drop down into my shorts. It got hold of my vulva and began giving it a very soothing massage!

Of course nobody around us cared about what was happening between myself and Anthony. Everybody seemed to be desperate to quench their own burgeoning heat, however animalistic! The lobby had a handful of people in multiple couplings and it was now looking like some sort of dark-corner for people who couldn’t contain their arousals anymore! Lips were smooching passionately while bodies were rubbing ferociously! Queer animalistic sounds were already filling the air as well a tidy whiff of bodily sweat and of course s*x! Anthony who seemed to have lost every form of restrain was doing his best to find my mouth with his Joystick and with his eyes closed. After a couple of failed attempts, he eventually did and with little fanfare pushed the large member into my watering mouth! I choked and coughed into his prick. He had to wait a little before resuming his motives. I had planned to do the sucking by myself but had to soft-pedal when I felt him holdonto my head! He was going to F**K my face with his Joystick and how I had desperately wished for it! I went on to drop my hands, allowing him all the liberty he could get as he gently began ramming his enormous phallus in and out my yearning mouth! My saliva drooled, lubricating his shinny black tool and thus adding to his excitement. He gradually increased the tempo, making sure he allowed his Joystick to travel as deep into my mouth as it could, before pulling it out just about then. I would gag each time the tip felt the start of my throat while he groaned at the unquestionable pleasure it was giving him! My mouth was being ruthlessly screwed!

My Tips had become as erect and stiff as kernel-shells. And my Kittycat hadn’t stopped pouring since then! I momentarily went mad when he suddenly held me into his Joystick, forcefully pushing his entire length into my mouth and causing the one-eyed snake to travel all the way deep into my throat! I flapped and flapped for air but couldn’t get any! It was as though I was going to pass out! It was as though I was going to faint on Anthony’s enormous Joystick! It wasn’t until I had shut my eyes out of helplessness that he would let go eventually; leaving me scrabbling to the floor with my saliva making a mess of my pullover shirt!

The next time I would be getting on my knees, he was going to allow me lead the line. He had moved both his hands to his back, pushing his pelvis forward in seeming invitation to me. His clearly veined Joystick glistened of my spit, in the dull light coming into the lobby. I eventually got onto my knees and once again, brought the brown potato back into my mouth! It really was tasting good and the slight salty taste of his precum added the needed savor to the juicy snack he was serving me that moment! I began by sucking onto the knobby head. It had grown thrice its size and its stretched skin had slightly turned crimson due to the profuse inrush of blood! He twitched at every touch of my tongue and even had to pull away when I deliberately allowed my teeth to graze his tip very slightly! When I finally felt content with the amount of attention I had given the sloppy dickhead, I moved down to his pulsating pipe! The veins on it were already so taut and bursting! And they repeatedly grazed my tongue as I moved my pouted lips up and down his shaft! My saliva wouldn’t stop running and alongside the gloss on my lips, they both kept coating the shaft in colourful succulence. At some point, I intentionally sucked the long member deep into the depths of throat, and then let my tongue swipe around the underside like a scrub-mob!

He seemed to like it because he moaned very loudly before bringing his right hand to my head to stroke my hair in appreciation! Now encouraged, I pushed further forward to completely deepthroat the enormous prick again, and as its mouth-filling size stretched every wall of my oral cavity, I suddenly begun making this sizzling buzzing sound from the depths of my tummy, onto his Joystick! He went nuts! And then grabbed my head with both hands this time, pushing me face-flat into his cleanly shaven crotch! This was to completely burry himself in my mouth, and when he did, not even an inch was spared! My face, mouth and his crotch were covered in raw sticky spit and he was practically twerking himself repeatedly in a bid to get the best out of the moment! In fact, when it seemed he couldn’t bear it anymore, he suddenly pulled out of my face amidst several curls of clear sticky saliva! His manhood, saluting from side to side in sheer delight!

To Be Continued…

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