-August Business Retreat (18+)

Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 22

A story written by Dan Chucks… If missed part 21, read it Here

The instruction had been to be on Blue Denim Trousers, and she wasn’t doing so. But then, she was the boss; and that just about usually settled it! She was returning to sit with Binta and Dami when I saw her. It was looking like she was indeed succeeding with the ‘I am a lesbian’ pose of hers, after all!

Anyways, the men weren’t going to be left out in any way. They may be seen to be busier ogling the girls as they ran around with their hefty Bosom heavily heaving inside their tight-fitting pullovers. And given the way their braless Tips ferociously stabbed into their diaphanous tops, it was easy to understand why these poor boys were easily blown away!

And given the way their braless Tips ferociously stabbed into their diaphanous tops, it was easy to understand why these poor boys were easily blown away!

But then, they still had this definite side of seduction to themselves as well! Their shirts were mostly body-fitting too and it particularly looked breath-taking on the dudes from Onitsha! A lot of them were on jean trousers and the few who opted to do shorts still wore fairly decent stuff. That doesn’t mean there were no alarming question marks here and there altogether! In fact, a good number of them seemed not to be wearing any underpants at all! I had to suspect so given how they kept dishing us detailed Joystick-impressions across the front of their trousers!

Almost all of them were guilty of this and it wasn’t long before the ladies (who had been happily checking these sizes out) began to flutter their eye lashes at one of the bulky guys from the Onitsha Office, whose ‘wickedly’ bulging Joystick seemed to be the largest by a long measure! He was seated and having a chat with one of the girls from Port Harcourt, but did not know that his Joystick which appeared like it was going to touch the ground from between his legs any moment, was pulling all the female attention his way!

Unfortunately, I was even caught in the act too! I simply had to look! Anthony wasn’t in the hall after all. And speaking of Anthony; I was yet to see him again since after the restroom encounter! Even though it looked like the things before me were effectively taking up my thoughts, I still genuinely desired to see the handsome man again! He may have left me unsatisfied during the last day’s discussion, but thoughts of him and his Joystick only just brought me unspeakable orgasm some hours ago! With all the ‘dicky bulges’ I had seen so far, something was certain – our men where indeed endowed! And it was hard to deny that! Most especially, when your already moistening Kittycat had totally agreed!

Nonetheless, I managed to finally tear away my eyes from the many near-erections around me, in order to notice the various gaming apparatuses that had been set up across the tables in the hall. That was when I actually realized that the games were in fact, on-going! There were four possible games to be played and each branch was to have two of their staff representing them on each! Thus making it 8 competing candidates per table. While it was designed to be competitive, there were no actual rewards for coming through triumphant. This may have led to stifled participation. In fact, only a handful were exactly involved in the games in essence. Most people were having some other kind of fun! If they weren’t cuddling and laughing at a corner, they were part of those running around the hall like little kids! Some also chose to just sit and chat – Binta and her Boss-friend being an example; while others had turned the opportunity into a dance extravaganza!

Everybody was having a great time regardless, and one only needed to see how excited we looked to know that. The only worry though, was that the always present sensual flavor, was only thickening rather rapidly! With more flesh and nudity being thrown around, it was difficult not to see an ‘inordinate’ end to all of these! People were openly grabbing Bosom and possibly dicks too. And the only person(s) who could ever initiate ‘decency’ were somehow caught in another lady’s nudity as well! The CEO and his vice were leading by example and a great lot of the staff were following submissively! However, I had to join a table regardless. I have always fancied the ‘Cubes of Figures’ challenge and it was quite an easy decision joining the table where I found it. We were just four on the table and luckily did cut across all the attending branches. The challenge before us revolves around trying to stack the cubes into a pyramid while also creating spontaneous mathematical problems and solutions with the figures engraved into the plastic cubes. It was always an exciting one for me and as soon as I gathered my own set of cubes, I began pilling hurriedly! You had to be the first to add a final cube atop in order to win!

Unexpectedly though, it was as soon as I began setting up the second row of cubes that I suddenly felt someone gently grab me by the Buttocks!

On finding that it was Anthony after I had quickly turned around, I ran out of breath and my knees instantaneously went weak! He was smiling and had this mischievous spark in his eyes!

“You?!…” was all my mouth could utter

He kept smiling. “What did I do?”

“You are asking me?” I playfully continued, reluctantly removing his hand from where it was grabbing my butt. I was seriously moistening up already!

“I can’t remember doing anything” he had leaned into my back now, peeking into the table from over my right shoulder. “Are you challenging alone?”


“Let me partner you then…”

“Partner me?…” I turned to look at his face with raised eyebrows. “You can’t partner me when we’re of separate branches”

“They haven’t kept any of their rules, have they?” he was already bringing more cubes our way

He was right. Both the CEO and his Vice hadn’t kept any of their rules really. So we weren’t likely expected to keep them either. We were going to be collaborating and that should be quite devastating for the other participants, I thought! In fact, with Anthony’s help we were already breezing into the third row in few minutes! He was impressively clever and appeared to know a lot of math! I was soon relegated to just searching for every figure he mentioned and bringing them to him! It made our work a lot easier. And when you consider that we were also having a good chat in the course, you’d understand why it was a really good outing! Not long later though, he asked the unexpected.

“Did I hurt you yesterday?” he had suddenly enquired, flashing me a glance and looking away. I was holding a few cubes in my hands waiting for him to get done with arranging the ones in his hands.

I had to toss my head side to side a few times before I could remotely find an answer. “Well…yea. I felt bad.” I couldn’t even believe we were openly having the discussion at all!

“I’m sorry. I F***ed up actually.”

“It’s alright. I understand.” I felt a lot of relief even though I had long forgiven him before then. In fact, wasn’t he even the same person I had fantasized fucking me earlier?! His apology wasn’t just necessary! After all, I was still willing to do anything to see him put that large Joystick of his in my Kittycat for real!

“You sure? I mean, I just couldn’t control myself and…”

I stretched an arm and placed it on his right forehand. “It doesn’t matter baby.”

Brief silence followed.

Then we both moved our eyes from the ‘touching’ arms up to our faces. He followed up with a smile. I was getting badly sticky between my legs now!

“Okay.” was his final response.

To Be Continued…

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