-August Business Retreat (18+)

Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 21

A story written by Dan Chucks… If missed part 20, read it Here

Even the Vice CEO who I initially wanted to assume wasn’t in the hall at all, was actually very much present! And he was seated at the stage with my own Bunmi, sitting on his left lap! I couldn’t just understand anymore!!

As it were, those weren’t even the most disturbing issues. The Activity bulletin which was still at my hotel room, had clearer instructed that we should all be on ‘A Blue Denim Trouser’ and ‘A Polo’. But factually speaking, I could only count just about two ladies who were on trousers. And not as though those could even pass for proper trousers actually. One was ‘torn’ numerously and in the most inappropriate of places, while the other was in short, a booty-hugging spandex with imprint denim-patterns on it!

But then, these two were just about the only ones who bothered following a resemblance of the ‘instruction’. The rest, including myself were all on shorts! Brief denim shorts! In fact, the ‘shortness’ factor was of different categories to different wearers. For people like myself, it was already a tad bit uncomfortable rising beyond our mid-thighs, so ours stopped somewhere before the knee. Then there were people like Mrs. Kudirat who kind of pulled it a stretch more by wearing ones that stopped just below their Buttocks! Some looked loose and frail – inevitably showing off the undersides of their bum, while the others seemed rather tight and accentuating! They jointly made people like myself look like abject learners indeed! But then, they were never any match for the rest of the girls who chose to wear jagged blue jean briefs instead!

But then, they were never any match for the rest of the girls who chose to wear jagged blue jean briefs instead!

Most of the girls from Port Harcourt and Abuja were part of this group. Their shorts were very skimpy so much so that it almost always glided across their sweaty Buttocks cheeks and into the crack of their bum! Needing them to pull it out with a curled finger every now and then! Of course, the abject size of these shorts made it near impossible to do adequate covering. So this only caused them to walk around the place with half their booty bare in the open! Even when they attempted sitting, their big butts will only pull down the shorts – exposing their upper crack this time!

It was such a ‘gross’ situation in the hall that I barely noticed anything else! It had to take me about a full minute or two to even realize that the ever-daring Rosemary, was equally in the same hall! And boy, who would ever take things by the horn as much as she does?! Like always, she was a glaring distance away from what other girls were trying to do with their outfit! In fact, she didn’t even wear a denim! She wore a Hot Pant! A Hot Pant that was neither blue nor of denim fabric! It was simply a ridiculously smallish piece of cloth that only managed to wrap around the upper regions of her thick Buttocks! Both her globes were freely hanging out from the undersides and created enticing melody for the eyes as she walked!

To Be Continued…

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