-August Business Retreat (18+)

Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 17

A story written by Dan Chucks… If missed part 16, read it Here

It looked more like I was sprinting than climbing as I speedily ascended the flight of stairs leading to my hotel room! I was dripping real bad and couldn’t wait to jump into bed just as soon! Images of Anthony’s fat Joystick were still gravely printed in my head, several seconds after I had seen it! I could still remember how thick it looked as he held it in his hand! And there was this slight alluring curve to it as well that really got my mouth watering! The head was seductively full, forming this rotund swollen cap over the engorged pole! In the few seconds I managed to gawk, I noticed the unbelievable number of bulging veins that repeatedly entwined themselves as they travelled up towards his knob! It was just a beauty to behold.

In the few seconds I managed to gawk, I noticed the unbelievable number of bulging veins that repeatedly entwined themselves as they travelled up towards his knob!

And considering that he beat the phallus about a bit before letting it gently dangle from his zipper, it becomes quite easy to understand why my Kittycat instantly got flooded even before I could make it out of the restroom! I urgently needed attention and I could barely waste any further time before giving that to myself! As soon as I got into the hotel lobby, I practically crashed through my door and into my bed! I wasn’t on any panties so my Kittycat was very open to the entire world! There was no stress of pulling a band down either so I only had to attend to my blouse. I dragged it up into my hip and spread my thighs as wide as I could!

I was mercilessly drenched, with the inside of my thighs glistening with my overflowing Kittycat juice! Moreover, my literally breathing swollen vulva had become hyper-sensitive and I almost did jump out of bed when one of my fingers eventually touched it! I could even see my clit sticking its pink head out of the hood also. And I needed not to be told how receptive it was likely going to be as well given the increased rush of blood into the ever-pulsating love knob! It wasn’t long before I found myself picturing Anthony again. This time as a strapping cute guy addressing his audience. I remembered how endearing his voice had sounded and imagined hearing him say nice things to me with it! I thought about the way his broad chest stretched the fabric of his shirt that afternoon and fantasized what it would have looked like if he decided to unbutton before all of us. In fact, if he had unbuttoned before just me! I imagined I suddenly became the only one in the hall and he chose to unbutton right before myself! He was likely going to pull off his immaculate white shirt, revealing a white singlet that will hug his hard biceps like a second skin! At this point, my hand was already massaging the sides of my throbbing vulva, making periodical visits to the basin of my Kittycat opening! When the second knuckle on my right middle finger abruptly touched my glowing clit, I instantly shuddered, clamping my legs tightly together!

But I had to spread my thighs still, and as wide as they could go! So I soon parted my legs again, observing how my sticky juice formed several strings of weak webs between both thighs! It was indeed a lovely sight but then, not near as lovely as Anthony’s thick curved Joystick! I had begun imagining him choosing to drop his trousers too! I could now see his biceps and abs as well as the muscular packs formed across his belly! I now pictured him undoing his belt and zipper, allowing it to drop to the floor in a heap! I could see his hard big Joystick making a gigantic impression across the front of his bum pant! It looked really big and I wondered what it would feel like putting it inside of me!

I could see his hard big Joystick making a gigantic impression across the front of his bum pant!

I had already let my hand locate my clit after all and as I fantasized about Anthony’s size, I felt two of my fingers envelope the twitching knob in soft fashion! Of course, I uncoiled again, lifting my hip off the bed momentarily and twisting myself to a side! The feeling was unbelievable and it did completely consume me! I was sweating without measure as more and more love juices sipped into the crack of my Buttocks from my Kittycat! My crotch was just a mess and my hand was doing an ever-increasing work of massaging and kneading my sensitive clit! Anthony was suddenly now puling on his band in my mind, and it looked as though he was going to pull off his pant too! I couldn’t just wish for more and had to shut my eyes so tightly in order to fully picture the process without missing a thing! He got his fingers around it and in one pull, slid the elastic clothe down his muscular thighs! Just then, his hard thick Joystick sprang out in a pop, waving from side to side like some totem pole! I felt the moist in my mouth and quickly swallowed some saliva! I was nearly pleading that he put the stretch of man-meat in my mouth as I observed my mouth opening up for him! And yes, he was coming to do that! In fact, I soon began picturing Anthony standing Unclad, right in front of my bed!

To Be Continued…

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