-August Business Retreat (18+)

Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 14

A story written by Dan Chucks… If missed part 13, read it Here

Of course it shocked him because he looked at me and smiled! But it shocked me even more because unlike what I had continually thought, his Joystick was far bigger than ever envisaged! I so wished I could bring it out and see it but did feel the constrain of the environment just about then. I was even still lucky no one had seen us even though I knew that would mean nothing, given how gross most of the activities in the hall had been so far! In fact, I began rubbing his Joystick up and down through his trouser, encouraging him to F**K me harder with his fingers! The Joystick predictably grew bigger until the outline became thoroughly conspicuous across the upper length of his trouser! It made it easier to target its head and I rubbed it with every vigour. He still had his eyes on the talking Dami’s exposed Tip but his finger was doing the magic between my thighs!

For some reason I didn’t initially ascertain, Ms. Dami suddenly stopped talking! It was while she began picking up the sheets on the floor that I realized she stopped talking because her presentation sheets had fallen from her hands! I hadn’t been looking at her lately as my interest was more on Anthony’s engorged Joystick! But then, it seemed there was something else to her stooping down that caught the attention of everybody, because as soon as she stooped down, almost all the men in the hall, including Anthony, partially stood from their seats to sneak a look at her on the floor! It was when I managed to join them that I realized what the fuss was about. While picking up her sheets, Ms. Dami’s thighs became inevitably spread apart and that did bring her entire Kittycat into view underneath her gown! In fact for the many seconds she spent on the ground I did comfortably see her puffy moist Kittycat as well as her rather swollen clit! She was cleanly shaved and I do admit that her Kittycat looked very ‘suckable’ from where I was!

It was as though Anthony had similar opinions because he grabbed my hand just then and pressured me to jerk his Joystick much faster as we both watched in fascination! I responded at once and even did it so vigourously that one of his mates at his table had to look our way for a moment! When my eyes found his, he smiled but without responding, I looked away! I had no doubt that he could see the veins across the sides of my face as Anthony equally F***ed me so animatedly with his forefinger! His eyes was steadily on Dami’s Kittycat and it was only when she began to stand that I felt his Joystick pulsate and with no warning exploded his load into his trousers, soaking it terribly! Some of it even sipped through to my fingers as the load was just too much to be contained! I wasn’t close to my own orgasm yet and I expected he would continue finger-fucking me. But he didn’t. Instead, he pulled out his hand gently and suddenly stood to his feet concealing the dampness in front of his trouser with a sheet of paper. Then he left his table and walked out of the hall! It did feel nasty because I at least expected him to appreciate my effort even if he didn’t bring me to my own deserved orgasm! Even after waiting and waiting for him to return, he simply didn’t show up again.

To Be Continued…

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