-Almighty Mrs. Ajani (18+)

Must Read: Almighty Mrs. Ajani (18+)… Part 4

A story written by Ed’

“No. I like calling you Mrs. Ajani.”
“Alright, Dennis. Here, do this for a few minutes.” She took hold of my fingers and guided them to her clitoris. “Gently, now Dennis, very lightly — tease and stroke softly. — That’s it! Oh, that’s lovely!” she sighed.
I kept up the soft manipulation of her clit for several seconds. She began to move her hips and twist a little, moaning softly. Then she pulled my head down for a long hard kiss. Her lips slid away to my ear.
“Oh, my handsomeDennis!” she whispered, “Would you like to F**K me, Dennis? Would you like to F**K your Mrs. Ajani?”
“Yes!” I moaned, I almost screamed. Her hand stroked my hard-on and squeezed hard.
“Will you promise to F**K me hard with this big beautiful Joystick of yours?”
“Yes!” I was boiling!
“Come here — on top of me! Now let me . . .” She took my iron-hard Joystick between her fingers and positioned it at her Kittycat. I could feel the head push between her sloppy wet Kittycat lips. “Now, slowly, Dennis, slowly! I want to enjoy the feel of your Joystick gliding into me — every inch of it! Yes! Slowly! That’s it!”
When I was in her fully, her hands went to my Buttocks and pulled me hard into her, grinding our pelvises together. I felt the muscles in her Kittycat contract and pull, contract and pull. This is what it’s like to F**K a real woman, I thought.

She locked her legs around me and we rolled from side to side as we F***ed ourselves wildly. She was moaning loudly and saying my name over and over. Finally, she rolled on top of me and sat up, straddling me. She stopped our motion and sat gazing down at me then began to ride me ever so slowly for a while. Her tits hung and swayed above me, soft and tantalizing. I reached up and squeezed them and pinched the Tips as she had taught me. She moaned again and dug her nails into my chest. I started thrusting up with short hard strokes. She closed her eyes and let her head roll back. “Oh, Dennis!” It was a wail of passion. She was coming again and I was coming for the second time that afternoon. She placed her hands flat on my chest and worked her pelvis up and down, milking the Pour out of my balls till I was drained.

Afterward, she lay on top of me, both of us soaked in sweat. She kissed me softly and said, “You are a wonderful lover, Dennis — and an excellent fucker!” I began to swell up with pride and confidence. She looked at me and started to laugh.
“What’s so funny?” I asked.
“You said I was your fantasy. Well, I’m living a fantasy too. I’ve wanted to make love to a younger man for a long time.”
I was a little shocked when she told me that she had had lots of men her own age, “Mr. Ajani is great in bed o!,” she told me. “But I’ve been longing for someone like you — someone very young and strong and willing in the way that only young guys like you can be.”
I was flattered, didn’t know what to say so I pulled her close and fondled her Buttocks and kissed her.

“Let’s take a shower,” she said
The shower was great. We sucked each other some more in the shower. She rolled my balls on her fingertips and slowed her sucking down to long, deep, rolling sucks that had me scraping the walls before I loosed a powerful jet of Pour into her mouth. She let it run down her chin and fall on her Bosom in a way that turned me on all over again. Then we went back to bed for more s*x. This time, she told me what she wanted.
“I want you to eat my Kittycat, Dennis! Eat me slowly until I come hard! Then F**K me hard and fast! When you’re ready to come, pull your prick out and come on my face and Bosom! I’ll let you watch while I lick it off!”

Who was I to say no?

—The End—


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Wow dis waz very cool I wish I could get a woman like that to fuck her 100% hard will be very glad oo!!!!!!

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