-Almighty Mrs. Ajani (18+)

Must Read: Almighty Mrs. Ajani (18+)… Part 3

A story written by Ed’

“Oh, yes! Just a little harder — please! Please! OH! OH! Yes! — Now the other one again! Hard, Dennis! OH! OH! Yes! M-m-m! I love how you suck and bite my tits!”
She settled next to me and pulled my arm into her cleavage. Her other hand was still busy between my legs and I was stirring and hardening again already. “Oh, good!” she said, gripping my shaft and squeezing “You’re getting another beautiful hard-on! Would you like to take my shorts off for me now?”
I rolled up onto my knees and bent over her. I hooked my fingers in her waistband and began to pull. “Unbutton them first,” she murmured. I found the buttons on the waistband and struggled to openthem to her amusement. I slid the zipper down and pulled the shorts slowly down her legs and off. She didn’t have any panties on either. I realized then that she had been planning this all along. I sat back on my heels and gazed at BimboAjani, Unclad at last beneath my gaze. She smiled up at me, obviously enjoying my excitement and delight. Her hands fondled her Bosom idly and her legs drifted slowly apart to accommodate my curious gaze. Her bush was soft and feathery and trimmed close; I could see the outline of her Kittycat lips. Roots of her pubic hair were tangled and glistened wet in the afternoon light. She posed and rolled from side to side to give me the benefit of all angles. I pushed her over onto her stomach and cupped her Buttocks in both hands. Still firm, no sag, just perfect round globes of soft, beautiful female buttock! I rolled her onto her back again, bent over her and began kissing and licking the tender flesh of her inner thighs.

“Oh, Dennis! I have less to teach you than I thought! Please keep on!” She pressed my head toward her Kittycat. She smelled of soap and talcum and a little like sweat, which was fine by me. I kissed and licked and pecked my way up and down her thighs. Then my tongue found its way to her Kittycat. She let me lick and kiss her fragrant Kittycat for several minutes — minutes of raw delight for me — then surprised me by rolling on top of me to initiate a sixty-nine. I hold up my head up on some pillows the better to reach her with my tongue. She lowered herself onto my face and I lapped up her juices like an animal. She came twice. In the meantime, she was giving my Joystick the loving care that it had needed for some time. I was in seventh heaven as her tongue pulled hard on the underside of my Joystick and swirled around the head. Mr. Ajani must be a very happy man, I thought.

This time, she stopped before I came. She turned onto her back again and said, “Come lie here beside me.” It was time for another lesson. She guided my hand to her thigh and showed me how she liked to be caressed. “That’s it, Dennis, slow but firm. And every once in a while do this.” She put her hand over mine and caused me to squeeze the soft flesh of her inner thigh. “Feel me deeply! Hurt me a little! I like it!”
She withdrew her hand and left me on my own, allowed me to roam over her body feeling and massaging her firm brown thighs and buttock to my heart’s content. We kissed long sliding wet kisses that never seemed to really end. Her tongue was hot and firm, pushing deep into my mouth. At last, breathless we paused as she took hold of my wrist again.

“Get me ready now, Dennis,” she said as she pulled my fingers to her mouth. She wet them with saliva, then directed them to her moist Kittycat lips. “I’m already wet but this helps to increase the pleasure. Put two fingers inside me. — There! That’s right. Ah-h-h, you know how! You’ve been playing with the girls at school, haven’t you? Do you do this for them, Dennis?”
“Sometimes — if they let me.”
“If they don’t they’re foolish! Push your fingers in a little deeper now — that’s it! What else do you do with your girlfriends? Do you play with their Bosom?”
“Yes — and suck on their Tips sometimes.”
And what do they do for you?”
“Sometimes nothing. They just let me touch them up a little. But sometimes they’ll hold my Joystick and jerk me off a little. One girl gave me a complete Mouthaction and let me F**K her.”
“Sounds as if you do OK, Dennis.”
“Nothing has been as good as this, Mrs. Ajani. — I love your Kittycat! It’s so hot and wet!”
“Don’t you want to call me Bimbo? It’s alright, you know.”

To Be Continued…

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