-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 5)

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“Good afternoon ma” we all echoed.

She replied us and said ” thank your stars that you guys are new staffs here, otherwise, I will just deduct 1,000 naira each from your salaries for addressing me as “MA”, we all looked in amazement.

She continued and said “yes, don’t be surprised. In this bank, we call one another by names, we are all colleagues. If you aren’t comfortable calling your superior by name, you can simply add MR or MRS or Miss as a prefix to his/her name. Is that understood?” We all replied by saying “yes”.

A team-lead and a sub team-lead was assigned to every team before the commencement of the training. We were told that we will be reporting to the sub team-lead, the sub team-lead will report to the team-lead, the team lead will report to the project/assistant project supervisor and from the supervisor to funmilayo the line manager.

The training of the first day lasted till about 6pm and I was so tired. At the closure of that day, I switched on my phone and got chat messages from bimpe saying “onihaxy dear, how was the first day at your new work?”.

I was surprised on how she got to know about my new job. I replied her to let us chat when I reach home. She replied me that she won’t be able to chat with me because she would be at home with henry.

I was so happy and we ended the chat.

The second day, we resumed our trainings and continued till thursday that week, at every breaks, I would always chat with betty and segun, giving them updates on my new job.

Bimpe too would always disturb me with messages and I would be forced to reply her after numerous “HIl” In the evening after work, bimpe called my phone.

BIMPE: hello onihaxy

ME: hi bimpe,

BIMPE: onihaxy, what is my offence?

ME: offence?, you didn’t offend me.

BIMPE : why have you been avoiding me of recent?

ME: avoid you as how?

BIMPE: you don’t reply my chats again like before. You don’t even bother to call me, its unfair onihaxy.

ME: adebimpe, its not like that, you know I work in a corporate environment, phones are restricted except during breaks which is an hour break, and at nights when I’m free, you will be with your husband.


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