-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 4)

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On thursday morning, I was sitting in my room when bimpe called me.

BiMPE: hello onihaxy,

Me: hi bimpe

BIMPE: where are you?

ME: I’m at home

BIMPE: ok, can you come and meet me at rocky hotels right now for your credentials?

ME: where is that located?

BIMPE: along iyana-paja.

ME: why hotel?

BIMPE: stop asking questions, I told you I don’t want anybody to see us together, that’s why I moved far away from home.

ME: ok, I will be there soon.

BiMPE: please don’t take a bus, take bike I will pay him when you arrive. I don’t have much time to spend. I’m still going back to work

ME: ok, I’m on my way.

I dressed up and was scared. I called segun again to update him about the latest development, he warned me to be careful and he told me to set my phone on recorder if possible. I took a bike and arrived at the hotels. I called her and she came out to pay the bike man, she was wearing her nurse outfit. we went inside to the reception together and from there straight to her room. I looked around to make sure I’m save.

She placed a dark wine bottle and two glass cups on her table, she sat on the bed while I sat on the chair beside the table.

ME: so I’m here, where is my credentials?

BIMPE: **smiled** common onihaxy, not even a hug or peck?

ME: you are funny, you are a married woman, I have my own girl who happened to be your inlaw. So I can’t do any of those things.

BIMPE: hmmmmm, onihaxy!!!!, the mighty man on bed, the one who collapse women Kitty-Cat till they are tired.

ME: **smiled** thank you. Maybe some other time sha, I’m not in the mood for such now.

BIMPE: no problem anyways, let me have your phone.

ME: why?,

BIMPE: to make sure you aren’t trying to blackmail me.

ME: **smiled** me?, blackmail you?, then I will have yours too

BIMPE: why?

ME: I also want to be on the safer side.

**we both laughed.*****

We both exchanged phones, went through it and both dropped it on the bed as I crossed over to seat beside her.


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