-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 4)

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ME: ok babe, what’s the plan?,

BIMPE: give me the number of your boss, I will call him and tell him that you had an accident and you are hospitalised and won’t be discharged until sunday. I will call as a doctor.

ME: chai!!!!!, bimpe, you are a crook oooo. What if he ask of doctor’s report?

BIMPE: I will arrange that in 10 seconds.

ME: ok ooooo, so when are you doing the calling?

BIMPE: tomorrow morning is the best time, by then, you are expected to be travelling.

ME: ok oo, what should I tell betty?

BIMPE: just cook up lies that something delayed you. But make sure she didn’t find out about our conversations oooo.

ME: ok ma.

BIMPE: alright dear, talk to you later.

ME: ok bye.

After the call, I went home, sat down on the bed and got scared.

“What is bimpe up to?”
“Why is she delaying me?”
”Hope I’m save?”
“Is bimpe not trying to set me up?”

The more I think about it, the more I get scared, I couldn’t handle it on my own and I decided to call my friend.

ME: hello sege

SEGE: onihaxy, how far?

ME: I no fine oooo,

SEGE: wetin happen?

ME: its bimpe

SEGE: wetin do her?, she don score another point?

ME: no, she wanted to delay me till weekend before I travel.

SEGE: what for?

ME: she said she wanted to return my belongings.

SEGE: can’t she do that today or tomorrow morning?

ME: she said she doesn’t want. Anyone to see us

SEGE: and can’t she send it through public transport?

ME: I told her ooo, she said she wanted to deliver it to me one on one.

SEGE: onihaxy, I told you previously that two things were involved, its either she wanted a favour from you or there is a fresher trap ahead of you. Just be careful.

ME: ok guy, I even wanted to discuss something with you but not now.

SEGE: what is that?

ME: its about bimpe.

SEGE: what happened?

ME: I just found out that I have another property with her.

SEGE: what property?

ME: I will discuss it better with you when I leave lagos.

SEGE: no yawa now. Just be careful onihaxy, don’t fall into temptation of bleeping bimpe oooo, I’m warning you oooo, its a deadly trap ooooo.

ME: I hear you.

The next day, bimpe did as she planned, before she made the call, she told me to change my sim to another one that my boss doesn’t have which I did. I also informed betty that I would be staying behind till weekend to get the result of the test I wrote on Monday.

Henry also called me to thank me for saving her daughter previously.


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