-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 4)

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I was about coming down at oshodi when my phone began to ring, I checked on the caller and it was betty.

Amidst the noises at oshodi I picked and strained my ear for the conversation

ME: hello dear

BETTY: hi honey. How are you?

ME: I’m fine,

BETTY: where are you now?

ME: just getting to oshodi.

BETTY: ok dear, thanks so much for today.

ME: don’t mention dear

BETTY: you know I was so amazed today.

ME: amazed as how?, why?

BETTY: you know, despite Aunty Bimpe’s rude and annoying attitudes towards you, you still risk your life helping her and saving her daughter.

ME: that’s life my dear, you don’t pay evil with evil.

BETTY: onihaxy, you don’t get it, I’m talking about someone who doesn’t want you to get a job with the family company and someone who bad-mouthed you saying you were a criminal and armed robber?, someone who so much hated you with passion

ME: I understand dear. But its still not good to pay evil with evil,

BETTY: seriously honey, you amazed me today, I love you more.

ME: I love you too honey.

BETTY: or have you guys officially reconciled?

ME: as how?

BETTY: never mind. So how is tomorrow going to look like?, hope you have fully prepared for the job test?

ME: yeah.

BETTY: ok dear,

ME: how is my daniella?

BETTY: your daniella? Well she is fine and recovering.

ME: hmmm, why did you emphasised what I said?.

BETTY: when you said “your daniella” if her papa catch you, you go explain **laughs**

ME: ****e be like say this girl dey take style dey suspect me ooo*** you are funny. You know I’m already part of the family now, daniella’s Aunt is my wife to be, definitely its our daniella.

BETTY: **laughs*** you are always funny onihaxy

ME: hmmmm. Help me to thank your brother, he gave me T.fare

BeTTY: T.fare?, when?, but I was with you in the hospital throughout and also followed you to the car?

ME: bimpe gave me and said it was from your brother.

BeTTY: ok, maybe they planned it behind me sha. Its good though, its a sign of appreciation.

ME: smile, bimpe even gave me something sef.

BETTY: ***voice changed** really?, hmmmmmmmmmm.

ME: hmmmm what?

BETTY: nothing, but as two strong enemies suddenly became close lately, it amazed me.

ME: ***who say make I talk sef*** na you know ooo.

BETTY: so how much did she give you?

ME: ***silent for a while** not money, she stopped at a store and bought provisions and blood tonic for me.

BETTY: ok, that’s cool

ME: is that the hospital where she works?

BETTY: yes, why do you ask?

ME: I noticed he was so close to all the nurses and the doctor trusted her with his office. Anyways, is she back to the hospital?

BeTTY: yeah, about 25 minutes ago.

ME: ok dear, my regards to her and henry.

BETTY: alright. You will be coming over when daniella is discharged right?

ME: yeah.

BETTY: ok dear, talk to you later.

ME: ok dear bye.

I went straight to the boutique to get a fine shoe and a nice suit jacket with a tie and went back to mushin to prepare ahead for my interview the next day.


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