-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 4)

Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 4)… Part 23

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The moan was increasing as I continued squeezing and pressing the bosom, my hand found his way to her laps and I pulled up her gown to caress her laps, she was jerking and getting uncomfortable, I moved my hands upwards to the underneath of her pants, I tickled her clit through her pants for about one minute and then pushed the pant sideways with her hand.

As my finger was landing on her Kitty-Cat, I could feel her juice dripping on my finger, she was super wet. I started finger bleeping her and she was pressing my head on my bosom and squeezing my shoulder at the same time. I continued finger bleeping her till she drips again and again, moaning over and over again, at a point in time, she pulled up her gown to the top of her bosom and pulled off her pants by herself, ***chaiii, omo see fresh fish****, I understood the signal as “no time to waste”.

I unhooked her bra while she unzipped my trousers and pulled it down with my boxers.

I knelt in between her legs, spread her legs apart with mine and was suucking her boobs while she was doing handjob on my dick, I was about leaving her bosom to move down to her Kitty-Cat to suck when grabbed my buttocks, pulled me closer to herself and inserted my dick inside of her. Hmmmm. “No time”.

I responded by pressing her two legs raised upwards to her bosom, hanging them over my hand and bleeping her in deeper penetration.

Betty was moaning and shouting but I didn’t care.

We bleeped for like 8 minutes without changing style untill I was about to cum and I withdrew my dick and cummed on her belly button.

BETTY: ***lieing by my side*** ayanma!!!. Why did you do that?

ME: **smiled** I don’t want to stain your bedsheet.

BETTY: **hit me*** naughty boy, so its my body you should stain abi?.

ME: smiled

BETTY: **spread her hand to the side of the bed and brought out a tissue, removed part of it to clean herself and she gave me to rest.** onihaxy, take and clean yourself.

ME: ***collected the tissue and cleaned up***

BETTY: I love you so much onihaxy. You just have all it takes to be my husband.

ME: really?, what are the things I have ooo.

BETTY: a good look, a caring heart, a faithful spirit and a good bedroom skills.

ME: naughty you.

*****we continued to cuddle, discuss and chat as we both lied down Unclad beside each other for about 25 more minutes and I told her that I will be leaving for my house******

BETTY: leaving?, so soon?

ME: yes dear. You know I’m going to mushin and you know its far.

BETTY: ***sad face**** ok dear, but onihaxy, you have to leave that mushin and get you own accomodation jor.

ME: yeah, definitely. I’m working on that too.

BETTY: where is the location of your bank.

ME: oshodi area.

BETTY: still close to mushin jor.

ME: I will get an accommodation around maryland sha.

BETTY: that’s where she lives abi?

ME: who?

BETTY: she na. That girl that can’t stop loving you.

ME: betty!!!!!!!!!, you still haven’t forgotten this issue. I told you it was sent to a wrong number.

BETTY: I hear you. Let’s go to the bathroom to have a shower.

ME: shower kee?, time has gone now.

BETTY: dirty boy, so you want to go out without shower abi?.

I obliged and we went to the bathroom together both still Unclad to had a shower, we ended up with another hot round of “shower doggie se*x”. I cleaned up and dressed up, and was set to leave. I headed to the door first and I told betty to meet me at the living room as she was still dressing up and packing her hair.

I opened the door and behold, I saw Bimpe standing infront of the door, bending in a position as if she sticked her ear to the door, she was shocked, stood still and her eyes were soaked and a sad mood was shown on her face.

Before I could say anything, in her sad face and faint voice, she said “Hi onihaxy, how are you? And where is Aunty betty?”.


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