-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 4)

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I called betty immediately I received the text and she told me that she was aware of it. We discussed on how I will travel that day.

There after, I went to my manager and discussed the issue with him and told him about the text, he was so happy with me and he gave me brotherly advice. He said I should travel first, see the job environment and if I’m ok with it, I can send my resignation letter via email to him. I also called my uncle in Ado ekiti to also inform him, I informed segun too and I left Ado that afternoon and arrived at mushin at few minutes to 11pm.

On friday the following day, I went to the outsourcing firm in lekki with my credentials, following the description that betty gave me. I was surprised when I just given an attendance to sign against my name which had been typed along side some other names, I was asked for the copies of my original credentials which I tendered.

From the discussions of the other guys I met there, they were once there for test and also for interview. They were relating with one another while I appeared odd among them.

By 3pm on that friday. I was through filling the forms I was given. I was given the offer letter and was told to resume at the bank on monday morning. After leaving the outsourcing firm, I went straight to betty’s house to give her feedback.

I arrived at the compound and I was picked from outside after calling her that I was at the gate. I got to the living room and met the house empty.

ME: dear, where is everyone?,

BETTY: my brother travelled to abuja as usual, Aunty betty went to work and daniella is sleeping upstairs.

ME: sleeping upstairs? Hope the door is locked sha.

BETTY: ***smiled** trust me now, the accident that happened the other day shouldn’t repeat itself again.

ME: alright dear.

BETTY: how far with where you went to?

ME: ***narrated everything**** thanks so much dear

BETTY: you are welcome dear **hugged me***

ME: I was given two guarantor’s form self to fill and to be returned back to them

BETTY: alright, when will you do that?

ME: I will give them to my brother and his friend to fill.

BETTY: ok dear, I’m so happy right now. I want aunty bimpe to realize that we can make it without her help.

ME: you and this your bimpe sha.

BETTY: yes na, I just hate it when someone feels that without her, the heavens will fall.

ME: na you sabi.

BETTY: onihaxy, Have you been to my room before?

ME: I don’t even know which one is your room out of all the rooms in this house.

BETTY: na wa for you ooooo, and are you ready to know it now? **flirty smile**

ME: **smiled** won’t you entertain me first?, not even a glass of water for the past 35 minutes that I have been around.

BETTY: Handsome, if you want any entertainment, follow me as I’m going upstairs ***smiled and cat-walked while oscillating her booty as she was climbing the stairs one after the other.

ME: chaiiii!!!!!


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