-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 4)

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Bimpe continued to call me that night but I didn’t pick up.

I woke up the following morning and got her message on whatsapp begging me to forgive her for been rude and also encouraged me to be more careful next time. I replied her and we had several minutes of chats thereafter. I had my bath, dressed up, spoke with betty on phone and departed from lagos at around 10am to ado ekiti and resumed work at the water factory on monday.

Two weeks later, betty called me and told me that they have been making plans to fix me into the family company but she was against it. I asked her why?, she said how come the same woman who once said onihaxy was a criminal and ran away with his former boss money is now saying onihaxy should be employed by the family, betty also said I won’t be respected and might be remotely controlled around by her family.

I tried changing her mindset but betty still insisted that I must not work with them, I had no choice than to reject the offer even when henry called me officially to inform me about the family decision. Three months passed away, there was no call from the interior decorating firm.

After several hope of getting the marketing job. I was at home one weekend when she called me.

ME: hello dear,

BETTY: hi onihaxy, how is work going?

ME: work is going fine.

BETTY: onihaxy, I have something to discuss with you, I don’t know if you will be interested.

ME: what is that dear?

BETTY: concerning the marketing job, I’m still in-touch with the man and he said you guys will be called when the new showrooms under construction are ready.

ME: ok, how soon will that be?

BETTY: can’t really say, but it should in three to four months time.

ME: ok dear

BETTY: but I have a guy at an outsourcing firm here in lekki,

ME: ok

BETTY: he said they are outsourcing for a bank who needed temporary staffs for a three and half month project. So I don’t know if you will be interested.

ME: its cool, how much is the pay?

BETTY: he said 70k

ME: for the whole project?

BETTY: no, its the monthly payment.

ME: what will now happen after the project? Will I loose the job?

BETTY: he said there is a tendency that you might be absorbed to be a permanent contract staff depending on your performance at the bank. And incase you are dis-engaged, the marketing job should be ready by then.

ME: no problem, its cool then, how soon will it be?

BETTY: I will text your details to him today, so you might get a call any moment from now.

ME: ok dear, thanks so much.

BETTY: you are welcome dear. Talk to you later.

After betty’s call, I had a chat with segun concerning the new development, he said its ok and he encouraged me to take the risk and move ahead.

He later asked me about my property in Bimpe’s possession that I promised to discussed with him. I cooked up an excuse and changed the topic for him. The following week, I was on my seat on thursday morning when I received a text to come and pick my offer letter at lekki by 9am the following day. I was like me? Offer letter? Without any test and interview?.


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