-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 4)

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BETTY: onihaxy, come closer, let me see the caller

ME: ***removed the phone from my pocket with fear and I drew closer to betty**** checked the screen,

BETTY: ***looked at the screen*** bimpe!!!, who is bimpe?

ME: oooooh bimpe, its your sister inlaw

BETTY: same aunty bimpe?, how come?, when did you guys exchanged numbers? And since when have you guys been exchanging calls?. And you never made me to be aware of all this?

ME: *** depressed **, please will you let me pick this call before answering your questions please?

BETTY: ok, Go ahead?

ME: ok ****placed the phone on my ear*** hello.

BIMPE: ** whispered*** how far? Where are you?

ME: **looked at betty in the eyeball*** I’m on my way home, betty is even here with me.

BIMPE: ok, I just wanted to thank you for everything. Henry also said he so much appreciate you and he sent his greetings.

ME: ok ma, thanks so much ma for the meal, thanks for hosting me, and my regards to your husband ma.

BIMPE: you are welcome, please pass the phone to betty.

ME: ok, ***gave the phone to betty****

Bimpe and betty were conversing on phone with betty laughing out loud, their conversation lasted for about 12minutes before betty handed over the phone to me.

ME: hello ma,

BIMPE: **whispered*** talk to you later.

ME: ok ma, take care.

Betty and I continued strolling

BeTTY: onihaxy, you haven’t answered my question.

ME: ooh, about bimpe right?

BETTY: yes

ME: ok, it happened the day she dropped me off after I donated blood to daniella, she asked me for my number that she would like to call me when I reach home safely.

BETTY: and you didn’t bother to tell me about it?

ME: I’m sorry, I never took it as a serious issue.

BETTY: really?, then I will get your friends or brother number behind you and be calling them behind you since its not a serious issue.

ME: ok love, I’m so sorry, please forgive me dear. Alright, let me delete her number in your presence, I will never talk with her again.

BETTY: onihaxy, don’t get me wrong, I never said you shouldn’t call anybody or talk to anyone. But atleast, you should let me know when you started it, for integrity sake.

ME: ***pecked and hugged her*** ok dear I’m so sorry.

BETTY: its ok, let me know when you reach home.

Betty stopped at the bus stop, I took a bus back to lekki gate while she returned home. I took a bus from there to oshodi and finally to mushin. I was thanking my stars that I wasn’t exposed today.

I got home at few minutes to ten, I called betty, spoke with her on phone and told her to extend my regards to bimpe and henry. About 15minutes later, I got a call from bimpe.

ME: hello bimpe,

BIMPE: onihaxy, how are you?

ME: I’m good.

BIMPE: what happened today?, why calling my secret line while betty was with you?,

ME: I’m sorry, betty caught me and she said she wanted to know who owns the line.

BIMPE: what!!!!!!, how?, when and where?

ME: she read your text on my phone when she went upstairs with it.

BIMPE: onihaxy!!!!!!!. How can you be so dumb and careless?, why will you leave such text on your phone?, can’t you hide it or archive it?, or can’t you just be a man and defend the text or cook up something else?.

ME: ehn?

BIMPE: yes, you even have the mind to call me in her presence, what if I wasn’t smart enough to calculate the situation and remained silent when you called? Only God knows what would have happened by now. Your type can’t keep two relationships successfully. Haba!!!. So what happened next?

ME: asking me what happened next after insulting me?, you are not serious*** hanged up***


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