-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 4)

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ME: ***scared to press the speaker button as my hand was shaking***

BETTY: onihaxy, I’m still waiting

ME: ***pressed the loudspeaker button*** the person isn’t picking up.

BETTY: re-dial it again, I’m waiting…..

ME: ** re- dialled and still wasn’t picked up****.

BETTY: re-dial again

ME: ****with my heart beating faster and heavily I re-dialled the call and bimpe picked it***** Hello, hello, hello oooooo, I’m onihaxy, who am I speaking with please?

BIMPE: ****silent on phone****

ME: hello ooooooo,

BIMPE : ****still silent****

ME: HELLO oooo, who is there?, can you hear me?

BIMPE: ****silent****

ME: ***hanged up****, baby, you can see, the person isn’t talking.

BETTY: and what does that teaches us?

ME: just for you to know that I don’t know anything about the message. I can’t lie to you betty.

BETTY: onihaxy, I’m still not convinced.

ME: ok dear, what else do you want me to do to convince you?.

BETTY: I don’t know, I just don’t trust you anymore, I’m quite sure there is something you are hiding

ME: sweetheart trust me. Since this message didn’t come from you, then it was certainly sent to a Wrong number.

BETTY: hmmmmmmmm,

ME: yes dear, ok, let’s do it this way,

BETTY: which way?

ME: let me give you the person’s number.

BETTY: and what should I do with it?

ME: call the person and find out for yourself.

BETTY: and you think I’m that daft?, and what will it cost you to call her behind me and tell her to lie that she is someone else?, and besides, I don’t have that time for child’s play.

ME: betty, why are you so angry like this now?. Please now!!!. I have been begging you since morning, I swear to God, I don’t understand the message neither did I know the sender, atleast I called the person in your presence and he/she didn’t speak, its not as if the person heard your voice maybe that was why she was muted. Please believe me, I just wish I can convince you on this, please dear. For the sake of the love between us, please understand me my love.

BETTY: ok dear, I heard you, I just pray it doesn’t repeat itself. I hate someone who cheat on me with passion.

ME: ***Hugged her** thanks so much dear. I swear and promise you it won’t repeat itself.

BETTY: and get this straight, any day I catch you red-handed cheating on me, just kiss this relationship goodbye, and I mean it onihaxy.

ME: my love, why on earth will I cheat on you?, when I’m not mad. What else do I want in a woman that I haven’t found in you dear. I’m assuring you that I will never cheat on you.

BETTY: ***strolling with me**** alright dear, so when are you travelling?

ME: tomorrow, you know I have to go to work on monday ***phone ringing in my pocket****

BETTY: Thank God she has called back, maybe you can convince me one more time and vindicate yourself.

ME: **scared, sweating and heart beating heavily as I dipped my hand inside my pocket to bring out the phone.

BETTY: let me see the caller.


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