-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 4)

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Bimpe continued to call me from thursday till that weekend but I never picked up.

It was saturday morning, betty had called me earlier to give me time. I put on my best shirt and trouser which I have ironed the previous night, I sprayed a new expensive perfume I bought from bimpe’s money. I stood infront of the mirror to access myself many times before stepping out.

“Onihaxy!!!, you are going to meet rich in-laws, so you have to package yourself”.

I carried myself in style from my house to oshodi to lekki gate. I took a shuttle bus to betty’s house and finally arrived at their compound by 4pm.
Betty came to pick me from the gate and we entered the house together.

I met henry in the living room watching football highlights. He welcomed me and I sat beside him after greeting him, betty excused us and climbed upstairs.

ME: hello sir,

HENRY: hi mr …………?

ME: onihaxy

HENRY: oooh onihaxy, I used to forget your name.

ME: ***smiled****

HENRY: thanks so much for the other day, I so much appreciate you.

ME: **lean forward*** you are welcome sir

HENRY: ***smiled and silent***

ME: so how is daniella?,

HENRY: she is fine. She is upstairs sleeping.

ME: hope she has fully recovered?

HENRY: yes. The doctor just told us to let her rest.

ME: that’s cool.

HENRY: so, how is work and family?

ME: fine sir.

HENRY: what is your occupation?

ME: ***chaiii, omo see interview***, eehmmm. I work with a water company as a quality control

HENRY: waaaoooh. That’s cool, hope its not stressful?,

ME: not really, but anything that involves payment has to come in stress.

HEnRY: you are so right.

ME: ****silent for a while****

HENRY: ****silent too***

ME: ****looked at the TV screen*** this gunners club are not trying of recent

HENRY: yes ooo my brother. The club don dey Bleep-up this days. And they had been barren for years

ME: yes ooo ***football argument continue******


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