-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 4)

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SEGE: ogbeni, how far na?

ME: I dey jaree.

SEGE: did you eventually get your credentials?

ME: yes,

SEGE: hope no set up at the hotel?

ME: not at all,

SEGE: you Bleep her again abi?, no lie ooooo.

ME: haba segun, trust me na.

SEGE: you keeee?, trust you?, with you and bimpe alone inside hotel room?,

ME: looooool.

SEGE: you wey Bleep person ontop small hospital bed, wetin suppose happen when you see big hotel room bed?

ME: seriously, I no Bleep her, I just collected my credentials, that’s all.

SEGE: you mean she lodge in an hotel room just because of credentials?. Can’t she park at one junction and give you there?.

ME: I no know for her jareee.

SEGE: hmmmmmm. Onihaxy, I dey tell you oooo, sha be careful of bobby trap.

ME: yes boss.

SEGE: how about the other property you talked about, did you retrieved that one too?

ME: no, not yet.

SEGE: no yawa na, hope you are ok sha?

ME: yeah.

SEGE: ok, I dey expect a Kitty-Cat today, and she don arrive, chat with you later.

ME: hmmmmm, bad boy.

I ended the chat and was just smiling because of the kind of friend I have. He so much understand me more than anyone else.

9pm when I was about going to bed, I got a text from an unknown number. I opened it and it read ”darling. Please I’m so sorry for what happened today, I’m so sorry for upsetting you and I so much appreciate how you controlled your anger and rage. I did that today just because I love you and don’t want to loose you. You might
not understand it now, but you will understand later.
Also, there is something I want us to discuss, probably later. Love you so much honey. And don’t forget the rule please. From someone who truly cares.”.

I was like me?, Bimpe? ,love?, honey? Don’t want to loose me?, what is these?.

On stepping out of the hotel gate, I got a text from bimpe that reads ” onihaxy love, why are you so angry that you didn’t wait to see the special meal I prepared for you. A fresh laps with a well shaved pusssy, my cloths are off, I was putting on that cute net pant you always love. You remember that bra you always love to see on me?, that was what I wore. As I’m sending this message, I’m in the shower Unclad, won’t you come and join me?.


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