-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 4)

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“Excuse me sir”

ME: ***turned back with a frown*** Hello.

RECEPTIONIST: we are sorry to bother you sir. Please spare us few minutes.

ME: ***walked closer*** what for?

RECEPTIONIST: ***picked a landline and dialling a number*** for security purpose, we are instructed to always call our customers’ room whenever a guest leaves the room.

ME: no problem

RECEPTIONIST: ***on call for few seconds***

ME: ***looked at the entrance and saw two hefty security guards**** “thank God I didn’t try anything funny, I for hear am today ooooooooooo”. So can I go now?

RECEPTIONiST: yes sir, you are free sir, we are so sorry for any embarrassment sir.

ME: its ok, but what was that meant for?

RECEPTIONST: a customer was murdered by her guest last week, that’s the reason for the new security policy.

ME: **smiled**, its ok, you are welcome.

I left the hotel building and thanking God that I was able to control my anger and rage. I took a bus returning to oshodi and on my way, different thoughts began to flood my mind.

“Could this oath be real?”.

“What if its real?”

“Do I even need to tell anyone?”

“What if it was a poison and not a oath?”

“How to I explain to segun if he asked me about the property?”,

I got to oshodi and took another bus to mushin, I got home, started packing my things and planning to return to Ado that same day, I put a call to my betty.

ME: hello dear

BETTY: hi love, I was about calling you

ME: really?

BETTY: yeah, daniella will be discharged tomorrow morning, so we are expecting you on saturday

ME: eyah, and I was about telling you that I will be leaving for Ado today.

BETTY: huuuuh onihaxy, but why na?

ME: nothing dear, just wanted to settle some stuffs.

BEtTY: onihaxy, but today is thursday na. Please love, please wait, my brother really wants to see you concerning our relationship.

ME: as how?

BETTY: as in, I told him lots about you, so we want to make it an official introduction.

ME: will bimpe be there?

BETTY: offcourse now, where else would she be?

ME: ***hissed*** ok dear.

BETTY: onihaxy wait a minute, did you just hissed now because of aunty bimpe?

ME: never mind jaree.

BETTY: hmmmmm, I thought you guys had finally buried your hatchets. This your on and off fight, I no dey understand ooooo.

ME: looool. you are so funny dear. Ok, I will be around for your sake.

BETTY: thanks dear. So na aunty bimpe dey chase you comot before?. Its well..

I hanged up and few minutes later, I got a whatsapp message from my friend.


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