-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 4)

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ME: ***furious and angry***** bimpe, why did you do this to me?

BIMPE: onihaxy, I have no choice, I have to protect the only two people that I cherish so much, Daniella and you.

ME: ** smashed the cup on the floor*** and did I ask for your protection?, since when did you start patronising herbalist?

BIMPE: **** scared and pulled backwards*** I’m sorry onihaxy, I’m just bothered that you might tell your friend, and from there, it will start spreading like wind. but the deed is already done, and its irreversible. Let’s Just stick to the covenant please .

I looked at her with so much disgust, bitterness and hatred, with the broken pieces of the glass cup in my hand, I felt like piercing her face and giving her a heavy punch of life, I felt like designing her face with the broken glass, But I thought of it that what will be my explanation if she got wounded?.

I thought of it that the hotel management might arrest me if I wound her. I thought of it that betty and henry will eventually find out that I was in hotel with bimpe. How will I explain what I was doing with a married woman in the hotel room to the extent of injuring her.

I thought of it that I can’t even explain what prompt my anger because my mouth had been sealed with kolanut oath.

I thought of what I will explain to betty on why I was caught inside hotel room with her sister inlaw who used to hate me.

I thought of the sick daniella lieing on the hospital bed. I just looked at her again with disgust, picked up my credentials, smashed the remaining piece of glass in my hand to the floor and dropped the cloth she bought for me on the floor.

I walked towards the door, held the door handle and turned back at her.

”Don’t ever in your life dial my number again”.
”Don’t ever in your life cross my path again”
“Infact I don’t want to see you again in my life”.
”I hate you with passion”
”I hate you for life”.

I uttered words in annoyance as I banged the door so hard and I walked towards the reception, I was about stepping out when I heard a voice from behind saying “excuse me sir”.


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