-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 4)

Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 4)… Part 10

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ME: so my credentials.

BiMPE: ok, let’s have a drink first na.

ME: no, later.

BIMPE: ok *****stood up and walked to the other side of the bed, opened her bag and brought out a file*** here is it, you can go through it to be sure.

ME: **collected it and scanned through*** yeah its intact,

BIMPE: so can we have a drink now?

ME: sure ***smiled****

BIMPE: ***stood up and walked to the table, popped the bottle and poured the drink inside
the two cups**** onihaxy, that reminds me, I bought a shirt for you, please open that bag to see it first maybe you like it ***pointing at the bag****.

ME: ***turned to the other side of the bed, opened her bag and brought out a flower shirt.
I spent up to 5 minutes on the bag and shirt without looking backward***, waoooo, this is cool, thanks so much bimpe.

BIMPE: ***walked back to the bed with the two cups of drink.** you are welcome dear, now let’s have a toast.

ME: ok ***collected a cup from her****

BIMPE: wait onihaxy, I want to ask you something,

ME: *** paused and held the drink cup in my hand*** what is it bimpe?

BIMPE: have you tell anybody about our baby secret?

ME: no, I swear

BiMPE: are you sure?

ME: yes

BIMPE: ok, swear to me that it will never come out of your mouth to any soul.

ME: but I have done that before na.

BIMPE: I know, just do it again so that I can be rest assured.

ME: ok oooo, I onihaxy oooo, I swear and promise you that this secret will never come out of my mouth to any soul.

BIMPE: ***smiled** and what if you violate your promise?, what should happen to you?

ME: ****smiled*** make bicycle crush me to death

BIMPE: ***laughed**** rara, I no want that one. Use part of your body to swear.

ME: ok, make I go blind, deaf and dumb ***laughed together****

BIMPE: ok, that one is better.

ME: ***yinmu*** “this girl no know anything, sebi na mere words?”

BIMPE: alright, let’s drink

ME: had a toast and drank.

When the liquid was about to finish, I discovered a big solid object at the bottom of the cup. ****yelled***, bimpe, what is this?

BIMPE: **smiled**, sweetheart relax, its a part of a 3-layered kolanut, I also have it in my own drink, as you can see.

ME: and what is it doing inside the drink? ***curious****

BIMPE: relax, I got it from the most powerful herbalist in this town. I placed it inside the drink while you were checking the shirt.

ME: **scared** and what does that implies?

BIMPE: baby relax, you just took an oath. And remember what you said before drinking. You will go blind, deaf and dumb any day this secret leaked to a third party.

ME: **screamed*** whaaaat!!!!!!!!


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