-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 3)

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“What is really happening to me?”
“Why is bimpe going to the extreme?”
“Have I done something that nobody as ever done?”.

I don’t even know what to do next. I dialled segun’s number but it wasn’t going through. I decided to go through bimpe’s facebook message again to check her profile and behold, the account doesn’t have a profile picture, no uploads, no friends, no location, no biodata and no contacts. This gave me more concern. “Chaiiii, this girl is just a professional.

I forced myself to sleep that night.
I woke up the following morning and prepared for work. When I was less busy, I tried calling segun and it went through. I told him that we need to talk on whatsapp.

ME: hi sege, wahala don sele oooo

SEGE: wetin happen?

ME: na Bimpe oooooo

SEGE: you and this your wife again?. She don burn your certificate?

ME: rara ooooo. I’m in a big scandal

SEGE: gist me, wetin happen?

ME: she sent me a text last night that I should check my facebook inbox

SEGE: what did you find there?

ME: my Unclad pictures

SEGE: what??, how come?

ME: remember I told you that we had se*x at the hospital?

SEGE: yes.

ME: the pictures were taken during the period.

SEGE: this is serious.

ME: that’s not all.

SEGE: what happened again?

ME: she gave me a condition to place her on a monthly salary of 20k

SEGE: that’s madness, she must be joking

ME: I’m serious. Log in to my account and see for yourself

SEGE: ok. Hold on.

…….Segun went offline and returned after 5 minutes……………….

SEGE: onihaxy, there is a big problem

ME: what is it?

SEGE: have you checked your account today?

ME: no. Why did you say so?

SEGE: you have one new message and I viewed
it, it contains 2 new pictures

ME: what’s the content?

SEGE: go and see for your self.

ME: ok,

I logged in to my account and saw a new message from the same username that bimpe used to send the previous pictures.

I opened it and it contained 2 new pictures. First one is a picture of bimpe sleeping beside me with her butt facing my dick just like the position we used in spooning se*x at the hospital but her face wasn’t showned in it. Only her side and butts were shown but my own face was clearly shown.

The second one was a picture on bimpe crossing her legs on my thigh and my dick was resting on her laps. Her head was on my chest and her head was covered with a Towel. But my face was also shown clearly as I lied on my back. I became uncomfortable and I suddenly developed headache. I resumed my chat with segun.

ME: sege, I don die. This girl is ready to finish me.

SEGE: this thing is very critical and It can destroy someone’s career if care isn’t taken.

ME: so what do you suggest that I do now?

SEGE: I would have advice you to deactivate your accounts for now. But will you not be on social media again?

ME: I can’t do without social media.

SEGE: then that’s it, its more like “living now to die another day”, she can always re-trace you again and execute her mission.

ME: haaaa!!!

SEGE: and we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. You might become a celebrity or a politician tomorrow.

With those items in her custody, she can finish your career in few seconds via social media.

ME: haaaaaaa!!!

SEGE: I would have suggested you should report to the police, but what will be your explanation to the police on how those butts and fleshy oranges got on your chest in those pictures?

ME: I don’t know

SEGE: and if I say you should sue the hospital to court and make money if the pictures eventually surfaced online.

ME: I think that one is a good idea.

SEGE: but how will you explain to the court that you had se*x with a nurse on duty?. If she claimed that you raped her and couldn’t rescue herself from you because there was no one around?, and she thought that the only thing she could do to have an evidence is to snap you when you slept off?. How will you escape jail?

ME: haaaa!!!,

SEGE: my guy, you would either go to jail or pay hugely for it.

ME: so you suggest that I should be paying the monthly 20k?.

SEGE: no, this is a cool blackmail business. She had done her home work and she is convinced that she would surely win in this. Especially since her face isn’t showing in the pictures. And if you start paying now. I can guarantee it that the demands would increase soonest as time goes on.

ME: so what do I do?.

SEGE: the only way to solve this is to either find her and delete those stuffs from her phone, or you make peace with her which I think its impossible.

ME: haaaa.

SEGE: you know what?

ME: what?

SEGE: let’s find a way of tracing her first.

ME: how?

SEGE: sebi you said you both have a mutual friend on facebook?

ME: yes.

SEGE: then start from there. Get closer to the person, the person might know her present location.

ME: and after then?.

SEGE: when we get to the bridge, we would cross

ME: ok, what about her monthly demands?

SEGE: I will talk to her. She would reduce the fee or cancel it. We need to buy more time. Because the way I’m seeing this girl. She is dangerous.

ME: segun, I don’t want you to be directly involved in this.

SEGE: **laughs**, onihaxy, I started this thing, I was your coach and mentor all through the scene, and I was the one who caused all that happened. So this is the best time for me to be involved.
You can’t be alone in this thing. We are into it together.

Me: ok bro, thanks,

SEGE: I have to do some blogging abeg. We will chat later.

ME: ok.

I ended my chats with segun and resumed with my work.

Few minutes later, my phone was ringing, I looked at the screen and it was an unknown number which wasn’t part of my contacts


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