-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 3)

Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 3)… Part 3

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Me: segun, today is wednesday and I have to travel for this job tomorrow, where will I get 200k now?

SEGE: onihaxy calm down, getting the 200k isn’t the issue.

ME: why is it not an issue?

SEGE: Adebimpe is the major issue

ME: how?

SEGE: can’t you see it clearly that this is a blackmail business?

ME: I still don’t understand

SEGE: the way I’m seeing it, Adebimpe will never send any credentials to you even if you pay a million naira

ME: why did you say so?

SEGE: someone who is so desperate for a revenge and even went to the extreme of having your vital credentials in her custody, why should we trust her when it comes to money?

ME: hmmmmmmmm. “Ayemi ooooo, Temi bami”.

SeGE: onihaxy, come to think of it, someone who switched off her phone all this while and only send text once in a while, it is so obvious that she would switch off again after getting the deposit alert.

ME: it seems you are right. So what do we do now?.

SEGE: let’s do it this way. Call her number first and let’s negotiate with her.

ME: ok **dialled her number***

SEGE: is it going through?

ME: ***phone: the number you have dialled is unable to receive call**** Its saying unable to receive call, what does that mean?

SEGE: it means she barred all incoming calls. You see what I was saying?, this girl don upgrade to “blackmail business”

ME: **wanted to cry** segun please come to my aid, my world is crumbling, what do I do?.

SEGE: calm down onihaxy, I just thought of something.

ME: what is that?

SEGE: you remembered that you scanned your credentials and sent to a particular firm you applied to in lagos few months ago.

ME: oooh yes I remember!!!, how about it?

SEGE: yes, we will make a coloured printout and laminate.

ME: will it look like the real one?

SEGE: at least 80% real

ME: so how do we go about it?

SEGE: the time is just 8pm. Let’s rush down to the cafe down the street to make the print outs

ME: Are we still going to find a cafe by this time?

SeGE: hopefully, we should.

ME: but I don’t have much on me at the moment

SEGE: don’t worry, I still have like 1k on me.

ME: ok, how about the original credentials with Adebimpe?, am I going to forget it just like that?

SEGE: my guy, when we find a successful alternative, then we can now talk about how to retrieve the one your wife is holding.

ME: which wife be that?

SEGE: your lovely Adebimpe **laughed**

ME: you no well, the girl wey be say I go kill any day I see her

SEGE: the onihaxy that I know will always fall again and again on Adebimpe’s lap anyday anytime.

ME: **laughs**. Seriously sege. You know well

SEGE: na lie?

ME: honestly, e be like say that girl dey use charm on me sef.

SEGE: no be charm, na her juicy honeypot dey kill you.

ME: abeg forget bimpe matter jaree. Let’s go to the cafe first.

SEGE: ok

We walked out of the room and I locked my door, we walked down the street and found out that the cafe had closed. We trekked to the next cafe and we found out that it had been closed also.

ME: sege, what do we do now?,

SEGE: maybe till tomorrow be that.

ME: ok,

I saw segun off and I returned back to my house. I felt relieved and eased. I began to get hungry and regaining appetite for food.

I dropped my phone on my bed and went to my kitchen to prepare noodles. I was about to empty the sachet of the noodles into the pot when my phone was ringing.

I rushed to see who is calling and it was my uncle. I picked up the call

ME: hello sir

UNCLE: aburo, how are you?

ME: I’m fine sir

UNCLE: ehn ehn. My chairman said he is travelling by 10am tomorrow morning,

ME: haaa,

UNCLE: you know what that means?

ME: no sir

UNCLE: you have to follow early morning bus. You must be here latest 8am in the morning so that he can attend to you before travelling.

ME: ok sir. Thank you very much sir.

UNCLE: ***hanged up***** I suddenly lost appetite again and I began to soliloquies, “this must be the handiwork of the people from my village”.


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