-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 3)

Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 3)… Part 26

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I excused myself from betty’s chat and I called bimpe on phone. It rang 3 times without been picked. I dialled it the 4th time and it was picked up.

ME: hello bimpe, its me onihaxy. please don’t hang up on me.

BIMPE: yes?, how can I help you?.

ME: well, I don’t need your help. I think You are the one who needs mine.

BIMPE: **laughs** funny, me?, need your help?, what do you mean?

ME: well, I just had a chat with betty just now and she demanded to know what transpired between us.

BIMPE: **silent for about 5 seconds*** what did you tell her?.

ME: I haven’t disclosed anything yet, that’s why I called you to know what you told her so as to replicate the same in order not to contradict.

BIMPE: *cool voice*** I didn’t tell her anything. I only said your face looked familiar.

ME: that’s exactly what I told her when I first saw your picture on her phone. Maybe that’s why she wanted to find out what was behind the familiarity

BIMPE: ok.

ME: so what should I tell her?.

BIMPE: dismiss the chat and tell her we never met before, Period.

ME: I tried it earlier and it seems not to be working. She gave a condition that its either I tell her or its over between us.

BIMPE: then tell her we once lived in the same street and we had a quarrel.

ME: what if she asked what led to the quarrel?

BIMPE: then think of something to tell her.

ME: ok.

BIMPE: besides, I don’t think its necessary to tell her anything. Just ignore her and let it be over between both of you. Period

ME: that can never be possible bimpe.

BIMPE: **voice changed** what do you mean?. Didn’t I tell you to stay away from my family?. You are stepping on my nerves onihaxy. I can bet it with you that you will regret it if you don’t back off.

ME: bimpe calm down. Betty is the girl I want to marry, infact, she is my last girl standing. So you have to be involved in it and make our union possible. Or else, we will both loose out of this game.

BIMPE: what do you mean?

ME: if I loose betty, then be ready to loose your marriage.

BIMPE: ***laughed***** what a nice threat Mr man, and how do you intended pushing me out of my matrimony sir?.

ME: well, its simple. I have the screen shot of all your sexual conversations with sodiq back in akure, the screenshot of all our sexual conversations also, I have all the blackmail texts and messages you sent to me demanding for money in exchange of my credentials and nudes. I have copies of the nudes.

BIMPE: and what do you intend doing with them?.

ME: nothing much. I have your husband’s home address, his email, his office address, his social network profile and his phone number. I will simply attach all this evidence and forward it directly to him so that he can know the type of girl he married. I will also send a copy to betty for her to see also. So my dear, we will both loose. If I loose betty, I will go to the extreme to make sure that you loose your marriage.

BIMPE: ****silent*****

ME: hello oooooooo.

BIMPE: ***faint voice****onihaxy, what do you want?

“Chai!!!!, it worked!!!!!”


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