-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 3)

Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 3)… Part 25

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Over to whatsapp between me and my guy.

SEGE: you don’t mean it!!, you mean bimpe called you to warn you?.

ME: yes.

SEGE: glory be to God almighty.

ME: why that?

SEGE: this is what I have been waiting for.

ME: waiting for as how?.

SEGE: it shows that she is weak and scared. Therefore, this is the right time to strike back at her.

ME: are you sure?

SEGE: yes. Trust me. But onihaxy. You just have to be confident and bold enough to carry out this task I want to give you.

ME: you know I’m always bold na.

SEGE: you dey craze. No be onihaxy wey I sabi?. You fit tremble and forget your name on seeing ordinary laps of a woman.

ME: you dey craze.

SEGE: na you and bimpe dey craze together. So as I was saying. You will pick your phone and call her.

ME: what if it doesn’t go through?.

SEGE: did she use the same number she had been using to text you?.

ME: No,

SEGE: then trust me. The number will be reachable, for her to call and issue a warning, then she must be waiting for a reply.

ME: so what do I tell her when I call her?.

SEGE: tell her that if she wants you to loose betty, then she should be ready to loose her marriage.

ME: just like that?.

SEGE: wait jaree, I never finish.

ME: ok sir.

SEGE: tell her that you have the screen shot of all her sexcapades with sodiq back then in akure, also the screen shot of all your conversations including the threats, the blackmailing, how she had been demanding money from you, pictures of the nudes she sent, and so on.

ME: but you knew that my phone was stolen na. And I couldn’t access her facebook since the day she left akure. So I don’t have any of these things. What if she ask for a proof?.

SEGE: that’s why I said you have to be confident and bold. Don’t let fear appear in your speech or texts, or else, na fucck up be that. Say it as if you mean it. Try and be sharp na onihaxy.

Me: ok, I will try.

SEGE: if she ask for a proof, tell her that you have her husband’s details, his name, phone number, email, social network accounts and house address. Tell her that if she needs a proof, you will document everything and forward it to her husband and also, copies would be sent to betty so that they can check it first. I can bet it with my fingernails, she would come down and even beg you for negotiation.

ME: are you sure?.

SEGE: trust me my guy.

I began to rehearse on how to face bimpe over the phone.

It took me 3 days to gather courage and boldness. I was at work on a friday and I intended to call bimpe when I get home in the evening.

At 2pm, I got a chat message from betty.

BETTY: hi dear

ME: hi sweety. How are you today?

BETTY: I’m fine. And you?

ME: I’m good my love.

BETTY: please I want to ask a question.

ME: go ahead.

BETTY: Are you really sure that you don’t know my brother’s wife?

ME: who is that?

BETTY: Aunty Bimpe

ME: ****scared*** Not really.

BETTY: then how?,

ME: why did you ask?.

BETTY: because when I got back to lagos. I was having a gist with her about my visitation to Ado and I showed her your picture telling her that I met you. I noticed she screamed exactly the same way you did when you saw her picture on my phone.

ME: really??

BETTY: her mood and face changed instantly when she asked of your name and I told her that you are onihaxy. I noticed she felt somehow.

ME: hmmmmm.

BETTY: so please can you tell me the truth. Did you really know her?.

ME: sweetheart. Did she tell you that she knows me.

BETTY: she isn’t willing to answer any question.
That’s why I’m asking you. If you truly love me as you claimed. Then don’t put me in the dark. Can you please tell me what is going on between you guys. Or else, forget about me.

ME: haa, betty, why na.

BETTY: yes. I can’t just build my hope and future on a guy who is secretive. Its either you tell me all I need to know or this union between us is over!!,

ME: ****scared***** ok dear, can you please give me few moments. My boss is around. He must not catch me handling phone during work hours. I will get back to you when he is gone.

BETTY: ok be fast. I’m waiting.

“Chaiii, na which kind wahala be this sef………..”


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