-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 3)

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I took to whatsapp to gist segun after betty’s departure on saturday.

ME: how far sege?

SEGE: oko bimpe, how you dey?

ME: you no well. I wan gist you jaree

SEGE: ehn ehn!!!, I dey listen.

ME: I have found bimpe

SEGE: tell me its a joke

ME: I’m serious

SEGE: how?, where? When?.

ME: you remember betty?

SEGE: the girl you met at eatery?

ME: yes

SEGE: what happened to her?.

ME: I found bimpe’s picture on her phone.

SEGE: that’s serious. Are they related?

ME: something like that.

SEGE: What was her explanation?

ME: she said bimpe is her brother’s wife.

SEGE: wife??, you mean bimpe is married?

ME: yes. married with a kid who is 15months old.

SEGE: are you serious onihaxy?

ME: I’m serious jor. I even sent the picture to my phone.

SEGE: send it to me and let me see

ME: ok ****shared picture with segun***

SEGE: hehehehehehe, na true ooooo, she don change ooo, she don add weight sef.

ME: abi oo.

SEGE: but e pain me sha

ME: say wetin?

SEGE: say no be you marry her ni. See as dem snatch my friend’s wife.

ME: you no well

SEGE: did you tell betty that you knew bimpe?

ME: not at all, I told her its only a resemblance.

SEGE: your head complete jaree.. But onihaxy, this is a battle line.

ME: as how?

SEGE: if bimpe finds out that you are relating with betty, she might use the girl against you and also use her to get back to you. Or probably poison her mind towards you.

ME: hmmmmmmm.

SEGE: and again, if bimpe finds out, she might think that you want to use betty to get back at her.

ME: hmmmmmmm.

SEGE: and if betty finds out that you and bimpe knew each other, she might want to dig up information about what transpired between both of you. And in the process, you might loose this new girl as a result of the revelation.

ME: hmmmmmmm, you too get sense. So what
do I do?

SEGE: its now easy to get back at bimpe. But the issue is that. Are you ready to sacrifice this new girl?

ME: which girl?

SEGE: betty now

ME how?

SEGE: you can break bimpe’s home by revealing the dirty secrets to betty which will further transfer to her brother but the good news is that, she will never marry you after finding out that you once slept with her brother’s wife.

ME: hmmmmmm. I’m not ready to loose betty ooo. Infact, she is my last girl standing. If she just gave me a “yes”, na to marry straightaway.

SEGE: and bimpe also can not really hit back at you via betty because she has her own marriage to save and protect also.

ME: are you sure?

SEGE: trust me, I see things that you can’t see.

ME: so what do we do next?

SEGE: like I said earlier. This is a table tennis battle between you and bimpe while betty is the egg. It require a lot of wisdom. Just give me time to figure out what to do.

ME: that’s my nigga.

Betty travelled back to lagos the following day and we continued chating and talking on phone until a week later when I got a call from a number which I picked.

ME: hello

CALLER: its bimpe

ME: hee!!, bimpe, how are you?

BIMPE: fine, I just want to tell you that I saw your pictures on betty’s phone and she told me you guys met and have been talking. I just want to warn you. If you know what is good for you, just stay away from this girl completely and stay out of my family. Otherwise, I will make sure you see hell. ***hanged up***

“Chaii, which kind wahala be this again na?””

I returned to segun on whatsapp to update him on what bimpe told me and segun came up with a master plan.


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