-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 3)

Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 3)… Part 17

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I was manipulation her Kitty-Cat with one hand and pulling off my belt with the other hand.

I had difficulty in removing my belt due to lolade’s body closeness to mine in position and I don’t want her to recover from her heaven trip so as not to spoil the show.

To save time, I ignored the belt and simply loosed my zip, I loosed the button on the boxer and brought out my fully erected dick.

While I was doing all this underneath, I never let lolade realized it so that she won’t be discouraged or disappointed. I moved up my right hand and continued to squeeze her bosoms and handling her Tips and also kissing her so as to add more to her heavenly trip.

I continued manipulation her Kitty-Cat and also bringing my dick closer to her punany at the same time, I more I finger, the closer the dick.

I was able to hold my dick with my left hand and also finger her kitten with the same finger on the left hand.

”Chaii, I don reach the gate of lolade’s kitten oooo, and I no get condom ?, wetin I go do oooooo”

” Should I ignore the Bleep and zip up?”

“But onihaxy!!, na serious fucck up e go be oo”.

“See as field open and you no gree play match”

” Should I risk hIV and STDs?”

” What if I impregnate her?”.

Innocent citizen thoughts began to fill my mind and I felt like pulling off, I felt guilty and I realized that its too early to nack this innocent girl, but the demon of konji suddenly whisper to me heart,

”onihaxy!!!, e be like say you dey craze?”

“Abi you dey mad ni?”

“Things wey some guy dey pay before dem get, you see free one and you no use am?”

”You wan suffer this erected dick for nothing?”

”Abi you no see Kitty-Cat gate wey open wide like this without any gateman?”

”Se this girl look like person wey get HIV for your eyes?”

”You no fit give her money to buy postinor 2 if you dey fear pregnancy?”

”And for your information, you might not get to see another opportunity if you let this open gate pass you by”.

Chaii, Konji na Bastard, no time abeg, I obeyed konji’s cousel and I immediately caught her unaware as I plugged my extension inside lolade’s socket and she let out a soft moan as she place her 2 hands on the back of the table and she raised up her head and drew closer to me as I was plugging and removing my extension from her socket in a soft mode.


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