-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 3)

Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 3)… Part 16

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LOLADE: ** looked around the office**I guess this is the manager’s office?.

ME: not really, we both use the office. But since he used to have visitors and he needed privacy most times, so we decided to have another table and chairs outside. So I use the outside table most times when he needs privacy.

LOLADE:** still looking around***how come you still share office when you have your own table outside?

ME: because I’m his P.A, and also the secretary/Accountant of the company at the same time.

LOLADE: waoooh, so you are handling 3 positions at a time, that is very nice sir, it means your take home must be very huge niyen ooooo **smiles**

ME: *smiled too** “oloshi, see as this girl dey reason my salary sha, na another maga venture this one go be oooooo”, if you say so dear.

LOLADE: **smiled and nodded** that’s nice

ME: bring your chair closer to me here so that we can start the tutorials and seminar

LOLADE: **smiled as she lifted the chair and moved it to my side** yes sir.

ME: so where is the notebook I gave you?

LOLADE: here is it sir.

I spent the first 15 minutes going through the sales book, vetting and correcting some errors, I spent another 30 minutes explaining things about our company and how to handle things to lolade, and how she would defend her experiences when manager arrives. I was touching her hand, pushing myself on her and staring at her at intervals.

When we were through with the seminar, I turned my chair and faced her, stared at her, held her hand and let out a smile.

ME: ololade mi, please save me, I’m dieing please.

LOLADE: sir?, dieing kee?! How?

ME: its about you. I have been having sleepless night since the day I met you. I hardly spend 10 minutes without thinking of you my love, you have fill my heart with lots of love and I’m fully drowned into the pool of your love.

LOLADE: hmmmm, men!!!!, they can make mouth and lie ehhnnn!!!

ME: **held her second hand and moved closer*** ololade mi. Believe me my dear, I’m not lieing. Infact, I have never fallen in love like this before. Your love is making me going insane. Please don’t let me run mad please.

LOLADE: ok, I heard you. So how do I help you?.

ME: please, just give me a yes, give me a space in your heart, let me be your man, and I promised to love you for the rest of my life, I so love you, you are the air I breath, you are my vision…………”Campaigning continues”

LOLADE: ** quiet for a while***

ME: my love, please talk, I’m scared by your silence

LOLADE: hope you won’t disappoint me?

ME: I swear I won’t, lolade, in the valley of decision, you will forever remain my only choice. ………….”Continued to campaign”

LOLADE: **silent again for a while*** ok, I heard

ME: **smiled** is that a yes?.

LOLADE: ** shyness smile** something like that.

I was so happy on what I just heard from lolade.

“Chai onihaxy, you don catch new pusssy”.

Lolade looked at her watch and it was past 7pm. She stood up and told me she would be leaving.

I stood up also, pushed the chairs to one side and held her hand as I pulled her back towards me. We stared at each other’s eyeball and our heads were moving closer again till our lips found each other and we kissed passionately.

No resistance again and the kiss was super romantic than the previous one, “chai, lolade was so good at kissing”, she was sucking my upper lips and lower lips simultaneously and also pulling and turning my tongue with hers. During the kiss, I moved around and made her back to face the table. I pushed her back a little bit and made her sit on the table while I was standing and facing her.
My hands was moving downwards from her head down to her neck then to her cleavage.

“Chaii, lolade was putting on a shirt that has about 6 buttons and a short skirt, how do I go about this buttons?” I thought for a while, I took the courage and stylishly unhook the first button, I was expecting a resistance but I got none, instead, the kiss was getting more intense, I proceeded to the second button, to the 3rd, 4th till I unhooked the last one to unveil her bra.

Omo see oranges!!!, my joystick erected more and more as I was drowning in sexual fantasy. I moved up my right hand and placed it on her bra and dipped my hand inside it to locate her Tip. I tickled it and squeeze at the same time and lolade was moaning louder, “hmmmmmm, oooouhhh, hmmmmmm, sirrrr!!!!, oga!!!!! Its ok sir!!!!!!!!”. I moved my mouth away from her mouth, licked her down to her neck and finally passed through her cleavage and arrived on her Tips. I placed my tongue on the left Tips as I placed my hand on the right one. I was sucking the left and squeezing/ teasing the right Tip.

I looked up and saw that lolade was already lost.
I took the courage and removed my hand from her right bosom and placed it on her skirt. I was switching bosoms and finding my way to her laps at the same time. Atlast, my hand found the laps and I was tickling and moving my hand upwards. When I got to about few centimetres from her pants, I stopped with the hope that I would encounter resistance, and behold, none came.

I moved my hand upward till I got to the underneath of her pant, behold, lolade was seriously wet and dripping, I played with her pants for few seconds, tickling and teasing the punny via the pant before pushing the underneath of the pant to one side with my finger and my finger finally landed on the main punany. I began to manipulate her with my right hand and un-hooking my belt with my left hand as my mouth returned to her lips to resumed kissing which she fully welcomed.


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