-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 2)

Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 2)… Part 8

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ME: what’s that dear?, ****sad face****
KEMI: I don’t think this is right for us to do.
ME: baby, I love you, you need to know how much u mean to me. I can’t just do without you ****sweet talks continue****
KEMI: I know you loved me but I don’t think its right for us to have sex.
ME: ****confused and silent*****.

I moved my head closer to hers and resumed kissing her. I was squeezing her bosoms at the same time with my dick still erect but restricted from drilling by kemi’s hand.

After few moment of confused kissing, kemi whispered “where is your condom?”. I smiled instantly and was back to life, it was as if someone took a visa from me and the returned it back.
I dipped my hand underneath my mattress and brought out a pack of condom while still kissing. I paused the kiss and tore the condom pack, positioned it on my dick and wore it. Kemi saw the
condom on my dick and that was when she removed the hand that was blocking the Kitty-Cat entrance. I drilled into kemi in a missionary style and began to Bleep her ***in-out-in-out****. I was complementing her with a kiss at the same time. Kemi seems to have this big hips restricting me from deep penetration, then I placed my two hands under her a$$ to press the a$$ closer to me each time I returned after going up. Later, I raised up her two legs and spread them wide apart.
**chaiiii, the penetration was to the fullest. After about 5 minutes, kemi said “what if bro segun is
coming?” I replied. “Don’t worry, he would call me or knock on the door”. She replied with a sweet moan of “hmmmmmmm”. I released one of her legs, turned it sideways and pushed the other leg in same direction as I make her face my dick with her Bottom as she was lieing on the bed and I knelt behind the a$$$. I used my hand to push up one of the butts so as to reveal the pusy hole while I used the other hand to bury my condomized dick into it.

Kemi was moaning heavily and screaming at this same time. I was deriving more pleasure because the moans was kinda sexy. I bleeped her for another 6 minutes before I cummed. I removed the condom from my dick and dropped it at the side of my bed as I lied down behind kemi to cuddle her.

KEMI: are you now satisfied?
ME: **raised eyebrow*** as how?
KEMI: have you now accomplished your mission?
ME: my love, I’m not on any mission. I was with my wife and we had a nice moment together.
KEMI: **smiled***, where is your bathroom?, I need to shower before bro segun comes. I need to return home on time.
ME: ok dear.

I lead her to the bathroom, I flushed the used condom and return back to the room leaving kemi in the bathroom to clean up. I picked my phone to gist segun on whatsapp as I was dressing up at the same time.

ME: sege, how you dey?
SEGE: I dey fine ooo.
ME: I don Bleep her oooo.
SEGE: “oloshi” I know, I dey behind your window and I dey hear as una dey drag the issue of condom
ME: “were ni e” bad boy. So what next?
SEGE: I will call you.

Kemi came out of the bathroom and began to
dress up. I cleared my chats on my phone. Kemi was through with the dressing and she told me to call my brother because she would soon be


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