-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 2)

Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 2)… Part 7

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My lips were locked into kemi’s mouth as we began to kiss at the door, she left the door handle and rest her back on the door and I turned around also to face her, we continued kissing as she wrapped my neck into her arms.

My hand began to move downward to her neck, I spent little seconds there before taking it down to her chest. I didn’t bother to insert my hands into her blouse but I was squeezing and smooching her bosom from outside her cloth.
Kemi was moaning but I wasn’t satisfied with her tempo.
Immediately I remembered that her response was unique when I touched the abdomen few moments ago. I decided to move my hand away from her bosom and took it down to her abdomen.
Kemi jerked instantly and kissed me harder
*****yeah, I don get am******.
I was tickling her navel and kissing at the same time until we moved away from the door and landed on the bed.
I continue tickling her abdomen and she was rubbing my back in response. I moved my hand upward and traced it to her bra. I pulled out the bosoms from the cup and began to squeeze. Kemi was lost in ecstacy as she pushed up her head and her neck was on my lips.
I pushed up her top to reveal her bosoms.
****chai, it was loaded and bouncing*****. I was squeezing one bosom and sucking the other. I was swapping the bosoms at intervals and taking her cleavage into consideration.
I walked my hand downward to her navel and traced the tiny hairs below it down to the button of her jeans.
****fear dey catch me to unlock the button******.
I began to play with the button like a confused kid and my dick was fully erect and thirsty for a Bleep. After few seconds of beating around the bush. I developed the courage to give it another try and unlock the button. As I was about to loose it, kemi placed her hand on my hand but she never pulled my hand off, ***chai, omo see little resistance****. I decided to suck the Tips more passionately and her moans increased, in between the moans, I unlocked the button and loosen the zip of the jeans.
I dipped my hand inside her pants and behold, kemi was seriously wet onihaxy, e be like say tot sure for you today ooo******, I dipped the hand further to the beneath of her pusssy and the fluid was dripping on my finger. I removed my mouth from her bosom and returned to her lips and began to kiss kemi as my hand was set for manipulation underneath. I located her clit and was handling it. Kemi was jerking, moaning and moving closer to me as I was kissing at the same time.

After few seconds, I took the finger downward to her kitten hole and immersed it into the stream, ****in-out-in-out***** my finger began to move and kemi continued moaning harder. I continued this for about 2 minutes until I gathered enough courage to pull off the jeans from her legs.
The jean was so tight, so in other not to turn her off, I would finger Bleep her, pause for a moment to pull the jean downward a little and then return to my handjob until I was able to successfully remove the trouser. The pant was still remaining on her waist but I didn’t see it as an obstacle since it was a low waist pant with a tiny thread underneath. Kemi was full wet and had cummed on my finger. I could see the eagerness in her to have sex as she was moving her hand down to my trousers and unhooking my belt. I left her to finish the unhooking as I continued with my hand job.

Kemi pulled my trouser and boxers downward a little and she began to cuddle and play with my thirsty and erected rod.

After about 1 minute, I moved ontop of kemi, still kissing her and patted her pants sideways, I used my hand to locate the hole and was about burying my rod inside of it when kemi used her hand to
block the passage and she said “onihaxy stop!!!”.
I looked at her and I was like “stop wetin?, after getting to this level?”.


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