-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 2)

Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 2)… Part 6

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ME: no problem then
KEMI: that’s my baby
ME: ****silent and frowned*****
KEMI: please call bro segun to hurry up, I need to return on time
ME: *****silent, no response******
KEMI: ******came closer******* onihaxy, I am talking to you now
ME: *****frowned****** I didn’t hear you before.
KEMI: what’s wrong with you?
ME: nothing, I’m fine ****oloshi, how I go take Bleep this girl ooooooooo, abi make I rake for her??*********
KEMI: ok oooooooooooooooooo. ****kept mute too*********

Minutes later, my phone rang, it was segun but I refused to pick up. The calls kept coming in but I refused to pick
KEMI: your brother is calling you, pick your calls
ME: *****sege go dey think say I dey busy bleeping kemi now oooo, him no go know say water to pass garri******. Pick it yourself
KEMI: nawa oooooo ****picks call******, hello bro segun.
I didn’t hear segun’s speech but I could hear kemi replying her that she was fine. I think he requested to speak with me and she passed the phone to me.
ME: how far sege?
SEGE: I dey, how far?, you don dig her?
ME: no oooo
SEGE: why na?, wetin happen?
ME: nothing jaree.
SEGE: you dey vex me oooo. Give her the phone jaree.
ME: ok ****i handed the phone to kemi and the continued their conversation****
KEMI: your brother said he would soon be back that he is on a queue.
ME: *******silent and frowned*******
KEMI: ******came closer****, onihaxy my love, what is wrong with you?
ME: nothing. Kemi, I think you just inspired me.
KEMI: really?, how?
ME: that someone shouldn’t rush into things especially on first dates.
KEMI: I don’t understand ****raised eye brow*****
ME: according to you, first date should be for simple meetings and discussions, not for adventures.
KEMI: what does that implies?
ME: I’m no more in mood for any shopping for now, maybe tomorrow or some other time.
KEMI: *******yelled****** so because you want to take me out for shopping, you wanted to get sex in return right?. If that is the case, keep your shopping and let me be
ME: ****scope*** you aren’t a prostitute or ordinary girlfriend but a finance and a lover whom I am ready to take to my family, I didn’t reason it that today is a first date before I planned hosting you for outings. I only believed that new lovers should have this mentality of yours. We have been dating for over 3 years now. So why this issue of first date of a thing…..bla bla bla*****
KEMI: ********raked also******* keep your shopping to yourself take care. ***stood up and was about to leave****
ME: ***i wanted to beg her but I remembered that she doesn’t even have a T.fare to return home and besides, she still wanted airtime, na so I come dey form*****.
KEMI: ****walked towards the door, held the handle of the door but she refused to open, after few seconds, she looked back****
onihaxy, and I love you more than all this things you are doing to me oo. Why are you treating me this way?, despite how much I love you ***wanted to cry****
ME: ***yeah, trap don catch her, she wan chop 50k awuf shopping and she no wan loose 400naira airtime**** I stood up, walked up to the door, held her hands and looked into her eyes,***
Baby, you know I love you too. I have always loved you and I will forever love you.

Before we know what was happening, our lips found each other and we began to kiss passionately as we were both standing by the door


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