-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 2)

Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 2)… Part 28

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I was so scared and worried about adebimpe’s silence and sudden disappearance. I couldn’t hold it anymore and I have no choice than to open up to the only best friend I have on the following weekend when we met at his house.

ME: sege, fear dey catch me oooo
SEGE: wetin happen?
ME: na bimpe matter
SEGE: you and this bimpe!!, haba onihaxy??, abi na blood covenant dey between the two of you?,
ME: you won’t understand jaree.
SEGE: all the time “you won’t understand”. Then when exactly will I understand?
ME: *** serious look*** ok, this is why I’m worried
SEGE: **re-adjusted sitting position**. Ok I’m listening.
ME: at first, she had disappeared for like over 2 years, now we met at the hospital and she acted so nice to me.
SEGE: so?
ME: but she refused to give me her number, she refused to call me, she didn’t let me know her house address, and now I was told that she had resigned from the hospital 2 weeks after I left abuja.
SEGE: how did you know she resigned.
ME: I asked the doctor when I called him.
SEGE: so you still dey ask of bimpe from the doctor?. You no well ooo.
ME: you won’t understand sha.
SEGE: so why are you really worried?
ME: bimpe might be a ghost or “akudaya”. Who knows, maybe she was dead before.
SEGE: chaiiii, onihaxy, you too funny sha.
ME: and you know we had sex.
SEGE: and so?, sebi you used condom?, see, as long as sperm no enter her punny, nothing go happen. If anything wan happen spiritually, na through sperm e dey take happen.
ME: ***deep breath***, segun, let me be sincere, I didn’t use condom.
SEGE: haaaaa!!!!!!!, onihaxy!!!!!, you sha wan kill yourself ontop 5minutes enjoyment?.
ME: segun, I’m scared.
SEGE: sebi clinic dey down the street?
ME: yes,
SEGE: oya stand up, we dey go do test.

Segun cajoled me and forced me to follow him to the clinic.
I was so scared because it was my first time of doing HIV test.
We got to the hospital and we were directed to the right center within the clinic. I paid 1,000 at the reception, I met a lot of people there, pretty looking ladies in various complexions. some were doing meeting, some were queueing for drug, some were been counselled. I got scared the more and my heart almost burst out of my chest as I began to imagine what would happen when these same girls get out of the clinic to have raw sex with guys.

The doctor who wanted to attend to me counselled me first about hiv. She told me that it is not the end of the world incase I come out positive, she continued the sweet talk but my mind wasn’t in all her talks. She proceeded in taking my blood samples after I filled a form. I was with her in the room and segun was sitting at the reception. After obtaining the samples, she told me to return in the evening of the second day. We left the hospital with my heart so burdened.** Chai!!, HIV itself isn’t the killer, but the fear of having it***.

On the evening of the second day. I stopped at segun’s house and we went together to the hospital for the result. Segun waited for me again at the reception while I went to meet the doctor myself. I told her my name and she began to search through the envelope and after a moment of searching.
She brought out the envelope but refused to give it to me, instead, she started counselling me again. And this time, my heart was beating faster as the sermon was more lengthy than that of the previous day


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