-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 2)

Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 2)… Part 27

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ME: ***laughs out loud***. You no well ooo segun. Se na only abortion you fit reason?
SEGE: before nko?, no be runs girl she be?. Abeg knack me the gist jaree.
ME: well actually according to the doctor. I was unconscious as a result of the accident and couldn’t wake up until the second day.
SEGE: ***sits down properly*** ehn ehn?
ME: when I woke up. Bimpe was the first person I set my eyes on. She was wearing a white nurse outfit, just like the dream I told you about.
SEGE: are you sure you aren’t dreaming at that time too?.
ME: at first I thought it was a dream. But later, I found out that it was a reality. The colour of the room, the bed, everything just looked like the dream. The only difference was that, my legs and hands were not tied and bimpe wasn’t holding a gun.
SEGE: this is serious!!!
ME: according to the doctor, she was the one who stood my me from the moment I was rushed in and all through the night.
SEGE: but wait ooo, sebi you said she was a uniport student that year na,. How come she now works as a nurse?. I don’t get it.
ME: me too, I was confused. But she later told me that she was actually in a school of nurse when we met. She just decided to lie due to inferiority complex.
SEGE: o ga oooo, then how did she got to abuja. Abi na aristo she do reach there?
ME: segun!!!, you just hate this girl sha. Haba!!!!
SEGE: answer my question abeg. Bimpe’s maga.
ME: anyways, she said someone linked her with the hospital owner from PH.
SEGE: so how did she get home from akure the other day?. Abi she offered free punny to the driver and conductor?.
ME: no ooo, she said she sold her phone at the park.
SEGE: eyah. Make she pele oooo. Hope she no inject you sha?
ME: **smiled**, actually she did. Twice
SEGE: **screamed*** haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!. Onihaxy!!, you don die.
ME: she said she can’t kill me. That if she wanted to do so, it would have happened when I was unconscious
SEGE: are you sure?
ME: yes. She was even the one who provided all the food I ate all through.
SEGE: you mean she took you to her house to feed you?.
ME: no, it was in the hospital. She never allowed me to know her house.
SEGE: why?
ME: she said she was living couple’s life with her new boyfriend. So she doesn’t want any trouble.
SEGE: SMH for her. Na Bleep go kill that girl. So na abuja dick she dey Bleep now?.
ME: **smiled** we actually had sex sha
SEGE: haaaa onihaxy!!, tell me its a lie. You wey get accident?
ME: I’m serious. It happened on saturday/ sunday night.
SEGE: ***oremi wa gbayi** that one sef dey. Na where you come see condom?
ME: *** I wanted to say the truth but I lied*** she brought it herself.
SEGE: hmmm, she self don miss your stick be that. I no blame her sha. She Bleep you on hospital bed with your condition?.
ME: yes
SEGE: sebi I tell you say na girl na runz girl and ashawo. She fit Bleep ontop a moving okada. And now wey she don turn to nurse. Na all the male patients she for don Bleep finish. And even the doctors sef.
ME: hmmmm. Segun!!!, you and this your bad mouth on bimpe.
SEGE: I no lie now. Thank God say you use condom, I for congratulate you on hiv/aids acquisition.
ME: aids kee?? **my heart began to beat fast***
SEGE: yes na. I’m very sure say that girl na carrier.
ME: hmmmmmmm
SEGE: do you have her number, so that I can call her to thank her.
ME: she didn’t give me her number.
SEGE: why na?
ME: I don’t know the reason why oo.
SEGE: then I’m suspecting she has a hidden mission and agenda.
ME: yeah that reminds me. She issued a threat.
SEGE: that what?
ME: that she only forgives, but never forgot. She said I would pay in a hard way. But not today.
SEGE: hmmmmm, I dey suspect that babe sha. But no worry, na mouth she get. She no fit do anything. Since she no inject you with poison, nothing fit happen to you.

Segun and I had gist until he left for his house.

Two months went by, I had retrieved my line, I resumed my delivery job in akure and I haven’t gotten any single call from adebimpe. At a time, I couldn’t hold it any longer , I had to inform segun to ask if he saved the doctor’s number I used in calling him when I was hospitalised. I was glad he did.

I dialled the doctor’s number.
ME: hello doctor.
DOC: hi, who am I speaking with please?
ME: onihaxy
DOC: from where?
ME: I was the one who was admitted at your hospital in abuja 2 months ago when I was hit by a car and a passer by brought me to your clinic.
DOC: well, we used to have many similar patient, can’t really remember, and how may I help you by the way?.
ME: I was the guy who used your phone to call a friend to send money to me. And your nurse helped me to withdraw it.
DOC: ooook, now I remember. The guy whose phone was also smashed right?
ME: yes sir
DOC: How are you?
ME: I’m fine sir. I just want to thank you for the other day. I should have called you all this while, but its not long that I retrieved my line.
DOC: its ok. Hope you are good?
ME: I’m fine sir. How about this nurse that was so nice to me, remind me of her name sir.
DOC: you mean nurse bimpe?.
ME: yes.
DOC: well, she had resigned two weeks after you were discharged. I guess she got another offer in another hospital outside abuja.
ME: ****shocked!!!!, resign ?**** ok sir, do you have her contacts sir, I would like to greet her personally.
DOC: well, her number which I used to have had
been unreachable for close to 3 weeks now. I guess she had changed her line.
ME: ok sir, thanks. ****hanged up****.

I sat down at my office and worried. What could be going on?.
“Bimpe resigned?”
“Her number isn’t reachable?”
“And she hasn’t called me?”
“Or is she a ghost?”
“Or na akudaya she be?”.
***Chaiii, onihaxy!!!, you don enter am ooooo.
Na ghost I Bleep oooooo, I don die******* I became uncomfortable and restless.


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