-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 2)

Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 2)… Part 24

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Adebimpe rolled the bedsheet over to one side of the bed as I held bimpe’s Bottom and pressed it forward with one hand and placed the other hand on the wall for support as I was using all my reserved forces to pump in and out of her from behind. The hospital bed was shaking and making a sound as we were “spooning” each other.

After about 4 minutes, I felt so weak to do the pumping, I just left the dick still erected inside her punny and I was breathing heavily. I guess bimpe noticed it but she wasn’t satisfied yet.
She decided to do the job by herself and she began to push her Bottom to the back and pull it to the front while I remain stiff on the bed like log of wood.

“Chai!!!, my own adebimpe don upgrade patapata, only God knows where she got the latest skills from”.

After few moments of adebimpe bleeping me. I cummed and felt totally weak. I cuddled her while we were still on the same sleeping position till I slept off around 1am. I woke up in the morning at around 7:35am, I looked at my side and couldn’t find bimpe.
My boxers was properly fitted on me and the bedsheet had been rolled back to its original position with no stains. I felt a kind of pain and weakness as I was trying to stand up from the bed. I managed to sit up on the bed for the first time and I looked around in a clueless manner.
“Today must be sunday” as I was hearing a worship song from nearby gathering.

At about 8am. Adebimpe came inside and greeted me as she sat on the plastic chair. Her face was so innocent as if nothing happened

ME: when did you disappeared?
BIMPE: **smiled** very early this morning.
ME: ok, pls can you help me with a toot brush
and tootpaste?
BiMPE: ok, no problem. I will order someone to get it bring it for you. I have to go home now.
ME: **raised eyebrow** home? But why?
BIMPE: I am going to church and I also have things to do at home when I’m back from church.
ME: are you still coming today?
BIMPE: no, till monday.
ME: huuuuuh, eyah. I will miss you
BIMPE: **smiled** don’t worry, the doctor would be here by 2pm today. So he will check on you.
ME: hmmmm hmmmm, ermmm erhmmm
BIMPE: what do you want to say?, feel free to talk.
ME: when will I follow you to know your house.
BiMPE: **smiled**, that will be impossible,
ME: but why?
BiMPE: I’m living with my boyfriend.
ME: ***felt disappointed and my mood changed immediately*** your boyfriend?
BIMPE: yes, my boyfriend. Any problem with that?
ME: not really, but just that you aren’t married yet, you shouldn’t be living with a guy you aren’t married to yet,
BIMPE: that’s none of your business sir. Not all
guys are wicked and heartless.
ME: bimpe haba, but I have begged you and apologised, why are you still saying all these?
BIMPE: did I mention any name?
ME: you don’t need to mention any name, I already know you are referring to me.
BIMpE: na you sabi.
ME: anyways, thanks for forgiving me and thanks for been nice to me irrespective of my wrongs.
BiMPE: **smiled**, I only forgive but I never forgot. You will definitely pay in a hard way, but not today.
ME: bimpe haba!!!, I said I’m sorry.
BImPe: **stood up from the chair** onihaxy, I have to leave now. See you on monday.

Bimpe left the ward, I was there thinking of what bimpe said about me paying in a hard way.

Few moments later, a nurse came in with a sachet close up, new toothbrush, cornflakes, sachet of milk, and she told me that nurse bimpe told her to give them to me.
The nurse left the ward and I began to think about bimpe again. “But this girl had been acting nice, what is it about paying in a hard way again?, abi na just empty threat?


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