-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 2)

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Adebimpe was walking closer to me as I was trembling on the bed.
She was smiling at me but I never trusted that smile as my mind was flashing back to my previous dream about her.

ME: Adebimpe please!!!!, don’t kill me please **crying**
ADEBIMPE: onihaxy calm down. I’m not killing you
ME: ***begging continues**** please don’t kill me please
BIMPE: **sat on a plastic chair and faced me***** onihaxy!!, I said you should calm down. If I wanted to kill you, I would have done that since yesterday that you were rushed here.
ME: **suprised**, yesterday?, you mean today is saturday?
BImPE: yes, yesterday evening.
ME: what happened to me?
BIMPE: you were hit by a car and driver run away and your phone was smashed at the same time. It was the passers by who rushed you here and abandoned you here.
ME: OMG!!!
BIMPE: you have been unconscious since yesterday. I’m happy you are awake now. Good to see you again.
ME: ***crying*** Adebimpe, please I’m so sorry for the wrongs I did to you in the past, it wasn’t me but segun. Everything that happened was segun’s plan and handiwork.
BIMPE: hmmmmm, weldone. Though it really pained me, but I have no choice than to move on. I knew you weren’t that stone-hearted. anyway and I knew that someone actually pushed you.
ME: I’m so sorry please adebimpe.
BImPE: **smiled** its ok onihaxy
ME: so how did you get back to PH?
BIMPE: ** sighed ** I sold my phone at the park.
ME: I’m so sorry, I would buy another one for you.
BIMPE: **smiled** and you think such lies can work on me again?
ME: I’m serious this time bimpe. I have never stopped thinking about you since you left. Infact, I always dream about you.
BIMPE: interesting. By the way, what are you doing in abuja?
ME: I came for a job interview in niger state and unfortunately, the job was fake, so I decided to visit a friend here in abuja before returning home. Unfortunately again, he doesn’t live there anymore. I was wandering on the street before I found myself here.
BIMPE: eeyaah.
ME: so what about you?, how did you get to abuja?, you told me then that you were in uniport studying bio-chemistry. How come you became a nurse here?.
BIMPE: my dear, its a long and complicated story.
ME: please share with me
BiMPE: maybe when I’m back in the evening. I have to go now.
ME: ok dear. Please I’m sorry for all the wrongs once again. It wasn’t me but segun.
BIMPE: hmmm. And now that I’m about to revenge, where is the segun now to rescue you?
ME: ***shocked*** Revenge? Bimpe please!!!!!!!, don’t kill me please, don’t inject me please!!!! Have mercy on me please!!!!!! ****crying***
BiMPE: **laughed** hmmm, I never knew you are a coward like this, now I can see the real onihaxy without his body guard.
ME: **cry continued*** bimpe please don’t kill me
BIMPE: ***moved her head closer to me and kissed me**** onihaxy, I would back in the evening for night shift and it would be you and I all through the night. We would have time to discuss well by then. I have to go now.
ME: ok
BIMPE: I will send someone to bring bread and beverages for you so that you can have something to eat. You must be hungry by now.
Me: yes, thanks.

Bimpe stood up from the chair, she took a file placed at the end of the bed. She removed her biro from her chest pocket and wrote somethings on the file which I didn’t see. She left the ward thereafter and I was left alone on the bed. But seriously, I never trusted those smiles on her face, I can see evil clearly beneath it.
Just like the dream I heard. She might postpone killing me towards the night so that no one would find out.


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