-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 2)

Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 2)… Part 2

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I looked at the screen of my phone. It was kemi. I also met kemi online before my encounter with bimpe. She claimed to be based in lagos according to her back then when we met 9 months ago.
She told me she was a fashion designer and also a part time student of yabatech at the same time.
After 3 weeks of chating when we met, she sent her phone number to me on facebook after several pleas. Our friendship became interesting that we were fond of each other, I would always call her in the morning, afternoon, and night. I would sent series of sms to kemi and she would also send hers.
After few weeks of friendship, I asked her out and she gave me a pending response. I never gave up on kemi as I kept pressurising her to be mine, convincing her with sweet and mouth-watering talks. I never seized to bombard her with my specially designed love sms. Alas, she finally agreed to be my girlfriend and the official E-dating started 6 months ago..
At the beginning of the E-dating, everything was going smooth, I was always looking forward to the day I would get to see kemi face to face. We began to plan how we would meet and I never had the feelings that it was a distance affairs, I always have this possibility and positivity kind of mindset that we would be together someday no
matter how long the “E-dating” lasted.
About 2 month into the relationship, things began to get complicated. Kemi no longer call or text me like she used to do before, conversation began to get boring as the day passes by and to crown it all, kemi would always be on my neck for airtime credits.
At first, I didn’t find any fault or problem in sending airtime to her. I had this mentality that she is my girlfriend and I am responsible for recharging her phone so that other guys wouldn’t snatch her from me. But along the line, I was getting uncomfortable with the card of a thing.
Kemi would not call on a good day to greet me on check on me, anytime my phone rings and I picked, the conversation is always “baby please send me card”, and the funniest thing was that she would only flash me or call to tell me “baby, I have seen the card, thanks” and she would hang up. It was when she needed another card that she would dial my number again. The whole thing got boring to me and I began to loose interest in kemi gradually, it got to a time that I stopped calling her also. When she calls to ask for airtime as usual, I would promise her that I would send it
and ended up not sending anything, when she finally realized that airtime isn’t coming forth from me anymore, the communication was broken finally as she no longer calls again neither do I call her also. And 4 months ago was the last time we spoke together.
Seeing her call again, I was shocked and surprised, I was like “so this girl still have my number all this while?”. I stopped thinking about bimpe and I picked the call.
ME: hello
KEMI: hi onihaxy, nawa for you oooo, you didn’t even bother to call me again. This is unfair
ME: I’m so sorry kemi, I lost my phone, and I got a new phone and lost the former contacts.
KEMI: onihaxy!!!!!!!, so how did you know its me.
ME: I recognised your voice, I got to know that its you when you said “hello” KEMI: ok dear, how are you?, I have missed you ooooo.
ME: ****yinmu, “oloshi, may thunder fire you if you demand for card again today”****** I missed you too dear.
KEMI: I just called to tell you that I’m attending a wedding in akure next weekend. I would see you when I’m around.
ME: its ok, can’t wait to see you.
KEMI: are you sure?
ME: yes
KEMI: ok dear. Baby please help me with little airtime please.
ME: ***oloshi****, ok, but not now
KEMI: when?, I need it urgently please.
ME: I’m not at home at the moment and I didn’t go with my wallet, maybe when I get back home sha.
KEMI: thanks dear, I will be expecting it. Can’t wait to see you next weekend.
ME: can’t wait to see you too. Bye
KEMI: bye ***hanged up******
Yeah, its time for me to get a “pension s*x” for all my wasted investment***********************

After the call that evening, I dropped my phone on the bed, I began to contemplate on whether to send the card or not. I think back to the past and I remembered that she had bad records when it come to lies. Kemi had lied so many times to me just to get recharge cards. I could remembered vividly the day she called me at 10pm that she needed N400mtn card to call her families and inform them that her mother was critically ill and needed medical attention urgently, I was shocked and began to shiver that night, “oooh, God please save my future mother inlaw for me ooo, I don’t want to loose her at the moment” I was running helter skater to get the recharge card that night. I had to rush down to the ATM to make a VTU transfer when I couldn’t see a vendor. After transferring the card to her, she didn’t call me and I didn’t have any airtime on my phone to call her. I had to use a neighbour’s phone to call her. I intentionally adjust my voice when I called her.
ME: hello kemi,
KEMI: who is this? *****is he the one calling?
****** “another lady was asking her at the background”
ME: ***angried and amazed*** its me kunle
KEMI: ***replied the other lady, “No, its not him, its another person”**** kunle from where
ME: from lagos.
KEMI: can’t recollect such identity. How did you get my number please? *****the background lady: cut him off jaree and let’s call another person****
Hello, pls call me tomorrow morning. I’m busy at the moment
ME: ok ****hanged up****.

From the little drama. I knew it already that I was played. But I was blinded with love to express my feelings.
All the memories of her past lies was flashing back in my brain. Then I thought of it again, “what if her next visitation is actually true?”. I began to imagine the pictures of her gorgeous look and endowed packages I had been seeing on her facebook profile, I began to imagine myself squeezing and experimenting her killer “ukwu”. Immediately, I became totally confused on whether to send the card or not?. After few minutes of contemplating, then I remembered I have a friend who once delivered me from a scammer. Then I decided to chat with “sege” on whatsapp concerning kemi’s matter.


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