-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 2)

Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 2)… Part 12

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After thinking for several minutes, I decided to go with segun’s third plan.
I faced the mirror before I slept and tried doing some rehearsals on how I would talk to kemi. I woke up very early the second day which was saturday. I prepared little breakfast, did a little exercise until 8am when I decided to place a call to kemi.

Suddenly, I began to fear. I don’t know where the fear came from, I just observed that I couldn’t gather the courage to lie to kemi.
Then I decided to call segun and inform him about my predicament. He suggested that I should come over to his place. “Who knows?, kemi might decide to find me to my house since she already knew the place”. I agreed with segun, I dressed up and went to meet him at home.

On getting to segun’s house. We had few gist, then he gave me some courage, cheers and some scripts to make the call.

ME: hello baby,
KEMI: hi love
ME: I’m on my way to work
KEMI: ok dear, what time should I come to meet you at work?
ME: hmmmm. Let me get to work first and see the situation of things, then I will call you
KEMI: no problem. Better still, text the address of your workplace to me incase your number becomes unavailable.
ME: ***oloshi**** ok dear, I will text it to you when I dropped from the cab
KEMI: ok dear. Thanks for yesterday
ME: what did I do yesterday?
KEMI: the airtime you gave me.
ME: ***i thought as much, kemi would never appreciate it if it were to be 100 or 200naira denomination***, you are welcome dear.
KEMI: ***laughs**, you know our elders says if you appreciate what you were given yesterday, you would get another one today.
ME: ****laughed***, you are funny
KEMI: so I’m expecting what the elders said we should be expecting
ME: I hear. Talk to you later
KEMI: ok dear, bye
ME: bye dear ***hanged up***

Segun and I laughed out loud and started talking about kemi.
Segun said she is very smart and would earn more magas with her brain. We stopped gisting after a while then we switched to segun’s laptop, he brought out his game pads and we played winning eleven. We were so carried away with the game that we forgot about kemi.

At 12pm, my phone began to ring, I looked at the screen and it was kemi. It was then that I remembered about her. I was scared to pick up because I don’t have the nerves to fabricate lies to her.
My badman event planner geared me up again and did a fast mini rehearsals with me for the last time.

After 4 missed calls, I called kemi back myself.

ME: hi love, I saw your missed calls
KEMI: why aren’t you picking up?
ME: I was with my boss when you called. And you know it would be embarrassing if I should pick calls in his presence.
KEMI: ok dear, should I start coming
ME: eeeeeerrmmm
SEGE: *****throwing up his hands as a sign telling to speak up*****
ME: eeeerm kemi, my boss wanted me to follow him to inspect a project, that was why he told me to come today.
KEMI: ok, let me come before you guys leave for the project.
ME: we are already on our way to his car, infact, his car is about 6 feet from here.
KEMI: so what will happen now?
ME: we won’t stay long. I’m sure we can exceed an hour. When I’m coming back, I will call you.
KEMI: ok dear. I love you so much
ME: I love you too. Bye ***hanged up***.

After the call, I dropped my phone and looked at segun.

SEGE: *****shake hands with me*****, that’s my boy,
ME: hmmmmmm, I hope it works sha
SEGE: mr maga leave story. If you aren’t too smart for these girls, they would send you back to the village when they are through with you.
ME: hmmmmmmm, let’s continue our winning eleven and let me beat you one more time.
SEGE: oloshi, na only that one you sabi


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