-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl - Season 1

Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl… Part 8

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she sat on the bed.
“samuel I love you. You are cool, cute, gentle and caring, where have you been all this while when I was looking for a good guy?”

She then moved close and kissed me and we started kissing passionately. I took hold of her bosoms and ooohh , they were really soft and she stiffled a moan as I
touched her Tips.

She said “I’m afraid that you will dump me after having sex with me because that is how you guys always do.”,

I replied, “baby u know I so much love you.If not, I won’t be running everywhere to get money for you…,
she smiled and resumed the kissing. I ripped off her top
and descended voraciously on her swollen Tips.
I furthered downward to unzip her jeans trouser. I was shocked at what I saw, bimpe was pantless…

Why pantless. I asked?. She replied “I’m not always comfortable with pants”. But I thought to my self “chaii, sword man must have a hand in this pantless issue.
She pulled down my jeans and boxers and then everything happened (i cant tell u how we did it, hun?), we lasted more than 30mins and I cum. It was obvious that she noticed that I wasn’t excited about the sex.

What’s wrong baby? Bimpe asked.
Nothing, I replied.

Bimpe: samuel, do you truly love me?

ME: why did u ask again?

BIMPE: I just want to be sure because you
are the only guy I have in my life after
breaking up with my ex. And I don’t want
to suffer for love again.

ME: I assured you of my love *yinmu*

BIMPE:. Ok dear, let me get a shower and
dress up while we are awaiting uncle segun.

She stood from the bed Unclad, she walked twisting the fresh fair Bottom as she opened the door to the bathroom. I took my phone and checked my whatsapp messages. I got a message from sege. “Mr maga, flash me when u are with your girl. I will call you, make you put am for loud speaker’


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