-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl - Season 1

Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl… Part 10

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Picked her loads and left at 1:20am.

Immediately after she left, her number wasn’t reachable again. I said to my self, “chaiii, thunder fire segun and bimpe o. So i no go
yansh this girl this nite”. I opened her facebook account but no recent chat. I updated segun on whatsapp and he told me to lock up that bimpe is gone. So i zero my mind that she has left lagos and that i paid 4,500 for one round of sex.

Up till 8pm, her number isnt reachable, I dropped my fone and slept off. At about 9:40pm, i heard a knock on my window. I asked “who is that?”. Its me bimpe, come and open the entrance door for me, the voice replied.

I jumped up, my dick suddenly got erect as I was heading towards the door and said to myself, let me Bleeping beging……….huh


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