-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 9)

Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 9)… Part 25

A Story Written By Onihaxy…

SEGE: when I saw that the suffering was too much for you and the only person that could help you out is Betty, I had to communicate with Bimpe on Facebook and I plead with her to declare you innocent to Henry’s family so that they could return back their helping hands and she agreed.

ME: ***screamed*** waoooh, you did that?. Thanks so much Segun, I am very grateful.

SEGE: you are welcome bro.

ME: how far with you and Sandra?, now that you are back together, what is the next plan?

SEGE: we will be getting married next year, I have gone to meet her family in Abuja earlier late last year.

ME: late last year?, where was I then?

SEGE: you were here. Remember that Betty wanted everything to be a secret as at then, that was why I didn’t disclose it to you.

ME: hmmmmmmm. What was her family’s impression about you?

SEGE: I think they like me. Her mum always calls me and I do call her daddy too.

ME: waoooh. Congrats bro.

SEGE: congrats on your new job and new life too.

The following week, I packed my bags and luggage and I relocated back to Lagos. I resumed immediately at the firm and I was putting up with my cousin in Mushin for few months before I finally got my own two bedroom flat accommodation. Before the End of my second year at the firm, I bought an Honda accord car (EOD), the exact type that Betty gave to me when I was still with her. I so much the car and I intentionally bought the exact type and colour to keep the memory of Betty evergreen in my heart.

Segun got married to Sandra a year later and I was his best man at the wedding ceremony that was held in Abuja, the event was so glamourous that politician and high personalities were present at the occasion. After their wedding, Sandra’s dad made Segun the manager of one of his companies in Lagos and we both based in Lagos and continued our friendship.

THE END………………………………………

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Blessing Odehsays:

This is a very patetic story,i will never 4get this story.twale 4 onihaxy.

veri good write up……muahhhhhh for u

Enter your name... Oluke swatsays:

This ip untouchable story,i like it than other in those stories

Enter your name...Omoladesays:

Hmmnm,u Are Best Writer,congratulation 4 Ur Story,more More More 4 U In Dis Year Amin

Wow! I love this; though not as much as of my Girlfriend.
What a good, short infinction story by Unihaxy; dont think will ever read a story as “Adepimkpe The FaceBook Girl”. Looking Forward for another one. KUDOS.

waooo i love dis story

Enter your name...says:

nice story I must say

Wow! Dis Is A Luving Story

Mayor drizzysays:

OMG!!! A very good write up, I think Onihaxy should be awarded for this… Romatic, heart breaking and lot more..

I so much luv dis story keep it up onihaxy, u should be award 4 this story, best ever story I ever rea

best story i ever read, onihaxy u should be award 4 this story, u really try, keep it up

abdulrauf mubaraksays:

I wish I could find som1 wu wuld love me d way betty loved onihaxy.. womanising is jst an excuse der is no fun in it

Nice work bro. Almost cried towards the end. Keep up with the creativity!

I love this story like mad

This is the story I can never forget in my life good work Mr onihaxi

opeyemi kabeersays:

I praise the author for a job well done. it is a really great work by Mr.Onihaxy, hope you can keep it up

I dont think I will ever read a story better than this, even foreign writer cant write a story as captivating as this…..WOW it is a brilliant work from an amazing writer and i really learnt a lot from the story…#kudos

I dont think I will ever read a story better than this, even foreign writer cant write a story as captivating as this…..WOW it is a brilliant work from an amazing writer and i really learnt a lot from the story…#kudos

kul. U really won d heart of d readers. a gifted author nd a well composed story. keep it up, u really deserve some #accolades…

Maidawa Theophilussays:

this story i very touching keep it up i have learned my lesson

This is a blockbuster, well articulated story, the editing and directing was superb and second to none. This is a fictional story that tells a lot about how to live a decent life because there is a reward for everything we do. I doff my cap for Segun. He’s indeed a master planner. The pranks from Bimpe, I pray we don’t fall into the hands of such ladies. All in all, I don’t think I can invest my time on another story as this one. Best of the best. Keep it up. I love the story and can read it over and over again. Kudos for this supposed award winning story.

A kul story luv d sex part

Berwa Tesire Sandrinesays:

It’s touching, go ahead!!

faith bolajisays:

this is the best story have ever read keep it up

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