-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 9)

Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 9)… Part 24

A Story Written By Onihaxy…

ME: *****hugged Segun***** thanks so much bro, you are indeed more than a friend. You are a brother from another mother.
SEGE: you are welcome bro. I am so happy for you that you will be relocating back to Lagos.
ME: But I am unhappy that I lost my dearest Betty to another man.
SEGE: just accept your fate and move on bro. that’s how God wants your paths to be.
ME: I wish I could still marry Betty, I can never find any other girl like her.
SEGE: that’s a lie, you will always find girls that are even better than her. You just have to be focused and this time, you have to put an end to womanizing.
ME: womanizing?, do you have to preach to me again?. Segun, I have learnt the bitter lessons of life in this past five years. Funmi that I loved so much then, did she helped me when I was deported?, who among the other girls did I see when I was in problem?, none.
SEGE: that’s life my brother, you have learnt your lessons. You should be grateful that Betty cared to look back and help you, several girls will never care.
ME: that is true. But I am still confused about something
SEGE: what is that?
ME: all what Bimpe sent in that texts were all lies, she never raped me and neither did she drugged me. It was a mutual romance that led to S#xual intercourse.
SEGE: ***smiled*** yeah, I know. It was my handiwork
ME: your handiwork?, how?

To Be Continued…

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