-Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 9)

Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 9)… Part 23

A Story Written By Onihaxy…

ME: ****anxious to listen**** what happened?
BETTY: about three years after you left UK, your baby mama sent a message to my brother and I.
ME: My baby mama?, who?.
BETTY: Aunty Bimpe.
ME: what was the content of the text?
BETTY: I think I still have a copy on my phone, let me give you to read for yourself. ***gave her phone to me***
ME: **reading*** “ Dear Henry, I am so sorry for all I have done and all I put you through. what happened between Onihaxy and I which led to the birth of Daniella was all my fault, I was the one who injected him to unconsciousness when he was admitted to the hospital where I worked in Abuja, he didn’t even realized what happened until years later when I needed his help to save Daniella and I disclosed it to him. After then, I made him swear an oath not to say it out to anyone or else he will die. I also sought some spiritual assistance to make him keep shut and I manipulated him to even forget about what happened. I intended raising Daniella for you as your child but I never knew that everything will later be exposed. I wish you all the best in life. See you again if God wills, your Dearest, Adebimpe.” ****sighed and shed tears***
BETTY: she also called both of us after the text to convince us that you are innocent.
ME: ***crying again*** haa Betty, I have suffered.
BETTY: it’s ok Onihaxy. It was when I was told that you are innocent that I decided to contact Sandra and Uncle Segun to first re-unite them, and then I started sending money to him to be giving to you when I heard about what you are passing through.
ME: **turned to Segun** is that true?
SEGE: yeah, I was never doing any online Job. All the money I have been giving you, including the fifty thousand naira I gave you last weekend all came from Betty.
ME: But Segun, why didn’t you tell me all this while?
SEGE: I am sorry about that; it was Betty that told me not to reveal the details to you yet until she set her eyes on you.
BETTY: yeah, that is true. I told him to keep it confidential.
ME: **smiled** thanks so much Betty. How is my child?
BETTY: He is fine, I left him in the UK.
ME: waooooh, the baby is a boy?
BETTY: yeah. He looks exactly like you.
ME: waooh. Now that everything has been settled, I can now have my wife back and re-unite with my darling and my son.
SEGE: *** mood changed***
SANDRA: ***mood changed also***
BETTY: hmmmmm Onihaxy, I wish we can come back together but it’s late.
ME: ***felt sad again*** Dear, but why?
BETTY: ***flashed her left hand and showed me a wedding ring she was putting on**** I am married with a baby girl for another man
ME: ***** cried again from scratch******
Betty, Sandra and Segun came closer to me to persuade me but the more they do, the more I continued crying until minutes later when I eventually stopped crying and Betty continued.
BETTY: it’s alright Onihaxy, let’s just accept that God wanted our Journey to be like that. I loved you so much then and if not for what happened as at that time, I have made up my mind that I would love you forever. But what happened has happened, let’s move on.
ME: you got married to the same guy you ran away from?
BETTY: **smiled** not at all. He got involved in drugs three years back and NDLEA arrested him and he was sentenced to five years jail.
ME: hmmmm. Who did you now got married to?
BETTY: He is also a Nigerian man based in the UK, we met a year after you left.
ME: *****took a deep breath and almost cried again**** How about your dad?, have you re-connected back to him?
BETTY: yes, about three years ago. He forgave me for running away and he accepted my new husband.
ME: it is well. How about Henry?, how is he?
BETTY: He is fine; his wife just gave birth to a baby boy last month.
ME: waoh!!!!!. He remarried?
BETTY: yeah.
ME: I hope he has forgiven me?
BETTY: ofcourse yes. He is even aware that I am here. Or should I call him so that you can talk with him?
ME: No need. Maybe later **** crying again**** So, that means I Have lost everything now?
BETTY: its ok now Onihaxy, you still have a son with me, you just have to move on with your life and find a wife. I heard you on phone when you were telling uncle Segun that you don’t have a girlfriend. Is that true?
ME: why should I have a girlfriend when I am still struggling to get back to my feet?, there is no girl on earth I can date that will be loving and caring as you Betty.
BETTY: that’s a lie Onihaxy, there are many of my type out there , just open your heart and love again.
ME: alright, I heard you. Thanks so much.
BETTY: you are welcome. If you are still willing to relocate back to Lagos and if you don’t mind, there is a job waiting for you there.
ME: **smiled** a job?
BETTY: yes. There is this firm owned by a friend of my father, I have discussed with him about you, I even dropped copies of your credentials with him and he said you can resume this month.
ME: ***still surprised** haaaa.
BETTY: we also discussed about remuneration and he said he would be starting with you on a salary of N2.5 million naira per annum aside other benefits.
ME: me?, N2.5 million? *** I jumped up and hugged her with tears rolling down on our faces***.
BETTYY: I love you so much Onihaxy but I am sorry, we have to go on separate paths. History will forever have it that you are a man I once loved with the whole of my heart.
ME: I love you too ****crying continued****.
With tears rolling out of our eyes, our heads came closer and our lips locked into each other. We kissed passionately and we never mind that we have companies, the kiss lasted for about five minutes before we pulled off. She gave me the complementary card of the man whom she talked about as regard the job issue and we had some conversations before Sandra and Betty finally departed, leaving Segun and I at the house.
To Be Continued…

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