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Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 7)… Part 27

This is a fantastic story written by Onihaxy, (BBM Pin:568D8E0A) If you missed Part Twenty Six, read it HERE!!!

We are at the first week of December and Christmas was all over the air, our bank was designed at the entrance and inside the banking hall, arrangements towards the end of the year Christmas party celebration commenced. Committees were set up in the bank to organize various activities like game competition, beauty pageant, welfares to the orphanages and lots more. At the beginning of the second week, arrangement towards the intake of the incoming project staffs started. An office was provided and I could see furniture’s and computers being moved into the room. new people had been invited for interview two weeks earlier and rumours has it that 60% of the temporary staffs would be from the previous crew whom I worked together with when I was a temporary staff while 40% will be new set of people entirely. Names were compiled and people were sent text messages to go to Lekki for their offer letter and resume the following Monday which was December 20th.
The guys In my unit started jubilating because the workload on us would be reduced because the project would be taking place in my unit, others were happy because lots of new fishes would be introduced into the river and it was like a ritual in my bank where permanent staffs would always look up to project periods to catch new set of babes who would be recruited for the project.
In the morning of the second day which was Tuesday, we had a general meeting in my unit and Funmi was a guest in the meeting, she entered in the course of the meeting and she walked to the front of the podium after when my unit head recognized her presence. We all clapped for her as she stood up and looking stunning in a nice suit and Brazilian hair. “chaiiii, Funmi never seize to disappoint at all”. she appreciated everyone for our works from onset and she appraised the hardworking staffs with promises that the management was watching us, she went further to appeal to all of us to cooperate and assist the incoming staffs especially the fresh ones because we are the one hosting them as the project belongs exclusively to our unit, she begged us to put anyone with challenges through and also encourage and motivate them to work harder. And lastly, she said the project staffs would be divided into 5 teams comprising of 10 people each and as a result of that, 5 people would be selected among us to be team leads throughout the project and she begged everyone not to be sad in case the appointment of the team lead doesn’t favour them while emphasizing that it doesn’t come with any additional salary, it’s just a temporary role to lead the new staffs towards achieving the bank’s goals. She ended her speech by reminding us about the end of the year party and begged us to prepare well for it and we all clapped for her while she left the meeting room. We discussed many other issues in the meeting before it was brought to an end. As I was about leaving the meeting room, my friends in the unit and some other people started teasing me and they started planning to place a bet on me. one of them said ” let’s place a bet, I can bet it with all the money in my account that Onihaxy is going to be one of the team leads” , another person said to the first speaker ” you are right ooooooo, I never thought of it ooooo, but come to think of it, if Onihaxy is going to be a team lead, then he must leave his present desk in front of Funmi’s office to stay with the new staffs in the office provided for them and I don’t think FUNMI is ready to let him go”, they continued to argue until they both agreed on a bet of N5,000 and the first guy said to me “Onihaxy, please beg FUNMI to make you a team lead, let me chop this boy’s money abeg”. I just laughed as I left there and returned to my office in other to continue with my job for the day. At around 10am, Betty called me on phone to inform me that she would be coming back to Nigeria on the 23rd of December and that she would be coming straight to my place before going to visit henry, I was so happy and I screamed out loudly that the gossip crew in my office began to look at me in an awkward way. I was so overwhelm that I was just smiling to myself
“finally, I will be seeing my baby”
” I can’t wait for that day to come”
” it’s just as if I should fast forward the days to 23rd of December”
” I’m very sure that she is going to bring something special for me”
” I’m so lucky to have a girl like Betty”
I was in the midst of my sweet thoughts that I didn’t realize that time had gone and it was break time. I was still working when I received a mail from FUNMI to come over to her office and with lots of joy inside of me, I jumped up from my desk and went into Funmi’s office, I pulled out the guest’s chair and sat down.

ME: HI Funmi, I received your mail.

FUNMI: I just want to ask if you will be going out for break

ME: yes. I will

FUNMI: Ok, please you will help me with a plate of rice and chicken

ME: ***smiled*** no problem

FUNMI: this one that you are smiling since morning, what is happening now?, what is the secret?

ME: I’m just happy for no reason today sha and I don’t know why.

FUNMI: are you sure there is nothing attached to it?

ME: yes, I’m so sure.

FUNMI: I know you won’t say the truth.

ME: *** surprised**** the truth as how?

FUNMI: I know you are happy because your wife is coming back abi?

ME: ****Shocked and began to wonder how she knew**** my wife?, you mean my wife?, how did you know?, why did you think so?

FUNMI: ***Smiled*** how many question at a time?

ME: I’m sorry, I’m just curious to know why you said so.

FUNMI: because she has already received a text to resume on Monday, I know you are happy because you will be able to continue from where both of you stopped.

ME: Ok!!!!!, you mean Benita?

FUNMI: yes of course.

ME: ****smiled***** the funny thing is that she hasn’t told that she received any text.

FUNMI: hmmmmmmmmmmm, I know you would deny it. well-done ooo.

ME: ****smiled*******

FUNMI: that reminds me, are you interested in Teamlead role?

ME: ****smiled**** I will appreciate it if I’m given the opportunity to lead people.

FUNMI: Ok, get yourself prepared ahead of Monday then.

ME: **** happy mood***** waooooh, thank you so much Funmi, I so much appreciate.

FUNMI: you are welcome.
I left Funmi’s office with duo happiness inside of me.
“my dearest Betty is coming back to Nigeria”
” I’m also been appointed as a Teamlead”
” waoooooh, lucky me Onihaxy”
I drove out hapilly to the canteen to eat, I gist Segun about the latest news about Betty’s arrival and also my appointment as a team lead and he was so happy with me. I finished with my food and drove to the regular eatery where I always buy Funmi’s food and I bought her rice and drove back happily to the bank. I returned her food to her and continued with my work till the end of the day. My coworkers on same office with me began to wonder what could be happening to me and why I was happy but they couldn’t figure it out because the rumours of Teamlead appointment hadn’t spread to them yet.
I closed for the day and was about driving home when my joy mood was spoiled by Benita’s call.

ME: hello Benita.

BENITA: Hi Onihaxy. How are you and how is work today?

ME: Fine

BENITA: I’m so sorry for not calling you all this while, I haven’t been boxed up of recent

ME: No problem.

BENITA: I want to tell you that I received a text form our outsourcing service provider to come for offer letter this week so as to resume to the bank next week Monday.

ME: ok

BENITA: I will be moving in on Thursday morning. Please make sure you clean the house and stock the kitchen with enough food stuffs, you know I don’t like to be starved.

ME: *****chai!!!!!, see how this one is controlling me, how do I kick her away now oooooh God!!!!!!!!*******

To Be Continued…

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