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Must Read: ABETE (The Hood)… Part 2

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E be like say na Albert Eiestin wey talk am, I can’t remember, this quote kept ringing in my ear: “he who death won chow go chase am enter lion house”

So I was here with this fierce looking niggers who, at the same time, looked like a bunch of scared puppies. Somewhere along the line, mess smell (and light no dey). Some guys sef, they know say they get this scared and still allowed themselves to get bamed.
I don’t know how long we stayed in that room sha but I’m pretty sure it teyed. Soon voices started reaching us from outside. I turned to the owner of the room.

“Guy, e be like say they don go”

The dude walked to the keyhole and peeped for sometime then unlocked the door. Like a fly who saw a crack in a container it was locked in, I zamed out of the room with my bag of garri of life (no be fear, most of the dudes for that room get odeeshi – I no get. Lol, if you no believe is you that sabi)

That evening the whole news reached me. Black Angels had hit two Axetate guys in my hood, one of them was my guy; Gerald, 200 level mechanical engineering student at DESU – Only son. Rumours had it that he was a hit man for Axetate. The streets go hot die this coming week.
Gad forgive me sha, but the first thing that zamed into my head when I heard the news of Gerald’s death was: “wow, so Linda is now unhooked”. Then wam, I zamed the thought out of my head – I was thinking like a winch abeg.
Linda was the dude’s boo, fine like say na she they create fine for.
(This is not a woman post so make we forget that angle sha)

Two days later, Wire come meet me. I had been Facebooking on my system when he walked in.

“You fit organise your popsy car?” He asked me. “E get one bash you go drive us go”

Without even looking up I said no


My head ring, I was broke as shii.. Ikere igbeyin been hold me nah.. U need to listing to this guy music.. Iceez. Title Ikere igbeyin.. Make wil leave that one.. I looked up.

“I get paid before I drive you guys to the bash or no deal”

He nodded, pulled 1k bills into three pieces and gave ‘em to me.

“That fast?”

“The party is today, 7pm”

Sneaking out my popsy car by that time would be a wahala but ama do it sha, to earn 3k just like that no too bad.

“No wahala”. I told him.

6pm, I drove the car off (I don already cook mechanic story keep)
7pm, Wire showed up with five other guys.

“Where all of una won enter finish”. I asked. “The boot?”

They squeezed themselves in anyway. We zoomed off. They gave me directions, we got to a residential area and Wire asked me to pack for one corner like that. The time was 7:42
They all got out, asked me to stay in the car and walked away. Now that didn’t seem right. But I was paid and I’m a gentleman – when I get paid I maintain my end of the bargain.
I was in the car five minutes, pressing my phone when a man stopped and looked into the car.


Without looking I knew it was someone who knew my popsy (here goes my mechanic story na), na very few people dey call me Tomisin. He had obviously seen my face from my phone’s illumination. He asked me how I was, plus my father – “fine sir”. I replied.

BAM BAM BAM. Gunshoots

The man started moving, older men dey sharp pass for hood.
Kiti kiti kiti; Wire and his guys ran into the car, nearly pushing the man down.

“Move move move!” Wire screamed. Bam, adrenaline started pumping – ignition, reverse gear, and I went hard on the throttle.
All this while I was asking: “wetin happen, wetin happen?”
They didn’t reply. I had driven some few minutes, still screaming the question when it hit me:
They had gone on a hit, and I had driven them.
Holy bloody crab, that man saw me. He recognised me and he would join two and two together to figure out that the guys who had nearly pushed him down were the ones who had done the shooting. He had seen them enter the car and he had seen me behind the wheels.

Damn, I was finished. I was finished o, if I know I I for dey take siesta when Wire came o


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